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AI Services Software Product Manager

  • Job
    Senior Level
  • Software Engineering
  • $162.6K - $284.6K
  • Hillsboro, +1

AI generated summary

  • You need a Bachelor's degree, 5+ years in software dev/product management, SaaS experience, market understanding, data-driven decision-making, collaboration, and strong communication skills. Desired: MS/MBA, Intel tools/platform experience, Trusted Media, Responsible Generative AI, deepfake detection knowledge, agile methods, cross-functional collaboration.
  • You will identify software services opportunities, define customer requirements, develop roadmaps, create value propositions, analyze competitors, drive pricing, launch products, and track performance indicators.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or a related discipline with 5+ years of development experience
  • 5+ years experience selling or product managing software as a service. Strong understanding of the SaaS applications, customer expectations, and value propositions.
  • Track record defining software products and business plans, and successfully launching services products.
  • Understanding of developer tools, use cases, market segments, and programming models
  • Demonstrated track-record measuring product performance and making data-driven decisions
  • Excellent collaboration skills, and demonstrated ability to work in a highly-matrixed environment
  • Strong presentation and interpersonal skills, with proven ability to communicate highly technical concepts to a variety of audiences, including developers, data scientists, and technical decision-makers
  • Desired Qualifications:
  • MS or MBA
  • Experience with Intel developer tools and platforms
  • Understanding of Trusted Media, Responsible Generative AI, and deepfake detection markets
  • Established relationships in the deepfake detection domain
  • Experience with agile development methodologies
  • Effective at working across orgs, functions and levels, including with senior executives


  • Identifying, prioritizing and recommending software services opportunities
  • Defining key customer feature, performance, quality, cost, and market window requirements
  • Partnering with technical leaders in pre-product definitions and proof of concepts
  • Maintaining and publishing service / product roadmaps
  • Developing and articulating strong value propositions
  • Performing competitive analyses and developing product positioning
  • Developing monetization strategies, and driving pricing and forecasts
  • Launching and continuously updating SaaS products
  • Establishing and tracking services product performance indicators


What are the key responsibilities of an AI Services Software Product Manager at Intel?

Key responsibilities include identifying software services opportunities, defining customer requirements, partnering with technical leaders for proof of concepts, maintaining roadmaps, developing value propositions, performing competitive analyses, setting pricing and forecasts, launching and updating SaaS products, and tracking product performance indicators.

What are the minimum qualifications required for this role?

The minimum qualifications include a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or related discipline, 5+ years of development experience, 5+ years of experience in selling or product managing software as a service, strong understanding of SaaS applications, successful track record in launching services products, understanding of developer tools and programming models, ability to make data-driven decisions, collaboration skills, and strong presentation and interpersonal skills.

What are the desired qualifications for an AI Services Software Product Manager at Intel?

Desired qualifications include an MS or MBA, experience with Intel developer tools and platforms, understanding of Trusted Media, Responsible Generative AI, and deepfake detection markets, established relationships in the deepfake detection domain, experience with agile development methodologies, and the ability to work effectively across different orgs, functions, and levels.

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