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    Senior & Expert Level
  • Architecture & Urban Planning
  • New York City

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  • You need a degree from an NAAB accredited program, 8+ years in commercial design, professional registration, commitment to QA/QC, and strong organizational skills for this Architectural Project Manager role. Exciting travel opportunities ahead!
  • You will manage project schedules, budgets, and client expectations while providing leadership to staff, overseeing design and technical solutions, and driving innovation in design.


  • Degree from an NAAB accredited program or equivalent
  • 8+ years of experience in commercial design; Education experience strongly preferred
  • Professional registration
  • High commitment to QA/QC
  • Thorough understanding of how a drawing set goes together
  • Acumen for how things are built and constructability, and the ability to apply that knowledge to support the project design and budget
  • Knows how to research and document codes for specific projects
  • Experience managing a variety of consultants and contractors
  • Interest in sustainable design
  • Effective organizational and communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Flexible attitude
  • Proficiency or experience with managing overall project fees and schedules
  • Must have high attention to detail and strong analytical skills
  • The ability to juggle multiple priorities is essential
  • Candidates should be efficient with coordinating project deliverables and client expectations
  • Ability to collaborate in a diverse project team environment
  • Demonstrated experience coordinating and leading projects teams
  • Confident presentation ability
  • Potential travel opportunities


  • Develop competitive fee structures reflecting defined scope of services for project pursuits
  • Establish and manage project schedules
  • Oversee the completion of projects on time and within fee budget
  • Anticipate, understand and manage client expectations
  • Provide leadership to staff by identifying project studio team members’ roles and responsibilities, leveraging their strengths, providing stretch opportunities, and offering mentorship
  • Lead and encourage open dialogue with project team regarding design and technical ideation and facilitate appropriate solutions
  • Motivate the project team to meet project goals through encouragement and/or course correction
  • Oversee administration of construction phase procedures and documentation (shop drawings/submittals, requests for information, and addenda/clarifications)
  • Oversee development and presentation of appropriate technical solutions to project stakeholders
  • Drive the coordination of internal staff, external consultants and other stakeholders to achieve a cohesive and collaborative project team
  • Attend and conduct presentations
  • Actively explore and recognize new business opportunities through professional networks
  • Drive each project team to seek innovation in design solutions in an ongoing spirit of curiosity, continuous improvement, and increased project performance
  • Develop effective project directives, outlines, projections, schedules, and strategies over the course of the project
  • Oversee development and communication of appropriate project phasing
  • Manage all facets of project production resulting in a thorough set of documents
  • Identify solutions and effectively resolve technical challenges
  • Understand and apply appropriate industry standards and construction practices
  • Oversees, and is responsible for, the identification, understanding and documentation of regulatory agencies’ requirements, as well as recognizing and resolving code-related design issues
  • Oversee quality assurance processes and quality control of project documents
  • Demonstrate, share, and appropriately apply, new methodologies, practices, codes, and products
  • Maintain awareness of, and appropriately apply, new methodologies, practices, codes, and products
  • Manage client relations
  • Provide leadership to staff


What qualifications are required for the Architectural Project Manager position?

Qualified candidates should have a degree from an NAAB accredited program or equivalent, at least 8 years of experience in commercial design with a preference for Education experience, professional registration, a high commitment to QA/QC, and strong organizational and communication skills.

What are the responsibilities of an Architectural Project Manager at Corgan?

The Architectural Project Manager is responsible for developing competitive fee structures, managing project schedules, overseeing project completion within budget, anticipating and managing client expectations, providing leadership to staff, driving project team collaboration, coordinating internal and external stakeholders, conducting presentations, exploring new business opportunities, seeking innovation in design solutions, and maintaining quality control throughout the project.

What qualities should an Architectural Project Manager possess?

An Architectural Project Manager should exhibit strengths such as a thorough understanding of drawing sets, acumen for constructability, knowledge of building codes, experience managing consultants and contractors, interest in sustainable design, attention to detail, flexibility, proficiency in managing project fees and schedules, strong analytical skills, and the ability to juggle multiple priorities.

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