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Assistant Project Manager & Data Analyst

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    Mid Level
  • Hospitality & Retail
  • Birmingham, +2

AI generated summary

  • You will support projects, analyze data, and contribute to business growth by developing skills in project management and data analytics.
  • You will assist project managers, handle document control, gather data, liaise with stakeholders, analyze business data, propose insights, implement new data technologies, develop solutions, and support team in leveraging data analytics tools.


  • You will play a pivotal role split between project management support and data science application within the data centre team. This unique opportunity allows you to develop foundational skills in both project administration and cutting-edge data analytics, contributing to the enhancement of business processes and systems across the organisation.


  • Assist in project planning, monitoring, and execution under the guidance of senior project managers.
  • Support document control processes including version management, distribution, and archiving of project documentation.
  • Contribute to project reporting by gathering and organising data, preparing progress reports, and updating project trackers.
  • Liaise with stakeholders across various teams to facilitate smooth project workflows and resolve administrative issues.
  • Apply data science techniques to analyse business data, identify trends, and propose insights that support decision-making and process improvement.
  • Collaborate with teams to adopt and implement new data technologies, ensuring alignment with business objectives and operational needs.
  • Assist in developing data-driven solutions and models that optimise business processes and enhance efficiency.
  • Support the wider team in leveraging data analytics tools and methodologies, providing guidance as needed.


What are the main responsibilities of an Assistant Project Manager & Data Analyst in this role?

The main responsibilities include assisting in project planning, monitoring, and execution, supporting document control processes, contributing to project reporting, liaising with stakeholders, applying data science techniques for data analysis, collaborating on data technology adoption, developing data-driven solutions, and supporting the wider team in leveraging data analytics tools.

What skills are required for this role?

Skills required for this role include project management skills, attention to detail, data analysis skills, communication skills, ability to work with stakeholders, proficiency in data science techniques, and knowledge of data analytics tools and methodologies.

How does this role contribute to the enhancement of business processes?

This role contributes to the enhancement of business processes by assisting in project management activities, analyzing business data to identify trends and insights for decision-making, developing data-driven solutions to optimize processes, and collaborating on the adoption of new data technologies that align with business objectives.

What opportunities are available for professional development in this role?

In this role, you will have opportunities to develop foundational skills in project management and data analytics, as well as the chance to contribute to the enhancement of business processes across the organization. Additionally, you may have opportunities to collaborate with various teams and gain exposure to cutting-edge data technologies and methodologies.

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