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AI generated summary

  • You must have knowledge of data warehouse design, SQL, ELT processes, data visualization software, and be an analytical, creative communicator who can work independently and collaboratively with a team and non-technical stakeholders.
  • You will be responsible for developing data warehouse models, creating technical documentation, expanding data sources, building analytics solutions, troubleshooting data issues, and collaborating with colleagues to deliver dashboard reports.


  • Knowledge/experience of Data Warehouse schema design, data modelling & data warehouse systems (Snowflake preferable but not essential)
  • Experience on data visualisation software preferable (Power BI preferable but not essential)
  • Strong working knowledge of SQL
  • Practical experience in ELT processes & tools
  • Analytical with a creative mind and attention to detail
  • A good communicator, you listen carefully and use positive language to clearly present information, ideas and views, verbally, in writing and by using technology
  • Experience in interpreting data to draw out insights
  • Comfortable with independent work, and collaborating within the team
  • Good communication with non-technical stakeholders to understand what is required and discuss technical work in an understandable way
  • You work effectively with others by being co-operative, inclusive, supportive and understanding towards your colleagues and other stakeholders


  • Experience with data warehouse modelling, designed to accommodate future growth
  • Developing schemas
  • Creation of technical documentation, capturing development, processes & DW changes
  • Expanding our data warehouse, incorporating new data sources, and building in best-practice warehouse design
  • Working closely with the IT department to ensure that the data collection and storage are appropriate and suitable for BI purposes
  • Staging & shaping data from multiple data sources into reporting and analytical solutions and integrations
  • Developing and maintaining analytics solutions and perform data analysis
  • Troubleshooting and resolving data-related problems
  • Collaborating with colleagues in the Data and Analytics team to deliver dashboard reports
  • Engaging with clients (usually but not limited to internal colleagues) to understand their needs, and designing and creating a suitable dashboard report
  • Identifying and suggesting improvements in delivery of BI to the company
  • Working with all internal departments to identify suitable metrics specific to their departmental operations and wider BI requests
  • Identifying new sources of data to be used to grow BI capability
  • Identifying new uses of existing data to provide insight to the company


What is the primary role of a BI Engineer at Ridge?

The primary role of a BI Engineer at Ridge is to expand the data architecture and capacity of the Data and Analytics team, ensuring that data warehouse systems are designed to accommodate future growth and incorporating new data sources to deliver valuable insights and reports.

What experience and skills are required for a BI Engineer at Ridge?

A BI Engineer at Ridge should have knowledge and experience in data warehouse schema design, data modelling, and data warehouse systems. They should also have practical experience with data visualisation software, strong SQL knowledge, experience with ELT processes and tools, and be analytical with attention to detail. Additionally, they should be good communicators, comfortable with independent work, and able to collaborate effectively within the team.

What benefits and rewards can a BI Engineer expect at Ridge?

A BI Engineer at Ridge can expect a healthy holiday balance, inclusive wellbeing offers, a flexible approach to hybrid working, tailored career development opportunities, a car allowance, and a supportive work environment focused on total wellbeing. In addition to these benefits, Ridge offers a competitive salary and a commitment to nurturing talent and expertise through quality, innovation, and growth.

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