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Broadcast A1 - CNN

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    Junior & Mid Level
  • Media & Journalism
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AI generated summary

  • You must be a multitasker with strong teamwork skills, able to handle live news mixing and all control room positions in a high-pressure environment. Experienced with digital audio consoles, playback devices, intercom systems, and able to learn new technologies. A degree or relevant experience is required.
  • You will mix and enhance audio elements for live and pre-produced CNN broadcasts, ensuring quality and creativity in studio or remote environments. Collaborate with show director, prepare equipment, and manage audio files for optimal production value.


  • You are a strong multitasker and have the skills to handle prioritizing and executing multiple requests at the same time. Knowledge of digital audio consoles, playback devices and intercom systems is needed. Must work well under pressure and be able to show strong teamwork capabilities as part of a studio team. Willingness to learn and embrace new technologies. Demonstrated analytical and problem-solving skills a must.
  • Minimum experience requirements include:
  • 1 to 3 years Industry experience mixing in a live news environment, operational knowledge of all control room positions and familiar with all aspects of live television and pre/post production.
  • Candidate should have awareness of a variety of audio boards with control room or field production/event experience.
  • Proficient with audio related components including intercom and ancillary equipment. (e.g. Enco, AZ Edit, Evertz routers).
  • An ability to work in a high pressure, 24/7 news environment.
  • Four-year degree from accredited university or demonstrated experience in the audio field.


  • A CNN Broadcast A1 / Audio Designer is an essential member of the production team. You are well versed in the art of audio mixing and enhancing various audio elements for live and pre-produced events. The primary production is within a studio environment but remote production is possible.
  • The set-up, operation and skillful mixing for a variety of live and pre-produced productions.
  • Quality assurance for all audio sources and related components
  • Creative influence to enhance the production value with selection of music and/or other effects.
  • Consulting and collaborating with the Show Director and other key stakeholders.
  • Advanced preparation including reviewing rundowns, equipment selection, mics and overall audio plan.
  • Documentation and overall management of audio board show files and related elements.


What are the primary responsibilities of a CNN Broadcast A1 / Audio Designer?

The primary responsibilities include set-up, operation, and skillful mixing for various live and pre-produced productions, quality assurance for all audio sources, creative influence to enhance production value, consulting and collaborating with key stakeholders, advanced preparation including reviewing rundowns and equipment selection, and documentation and management of audio board show files.

What qualifications and experience are required for this role?

Candidates should have 1 to 3 years of industry experience mixing in a live news environment, operational knowledge of all control room positions, familiarity with all aspects of live television and pre/post production, awareness of a variety of audio boards, proficiency with audio related components, ability to work in a high pressure news environment, and a four-year degree from an accredited university or demonstrated experience in the audio field.

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Mission & Purpose

Warner Bros. Discovery is a global media and entertainment company, known for producing and distributing a wide range of content, including films, television shows, and digital content. Their ultimate mission is to captivate audiences worldwide by creating compelling and innovative stories that entertain, inform, and inspire. With a strong focus on storytelling and creativity, Warner Bros. Discovery aims to enrich people's lives through entertainment and provide a diverse array of content across various platforms. Their purpose is to connect people through shared experiences and to continue being a leading force in the entertainment industry, shaping the future of entertainment in the UK and beyond.

Culture & Values

  • Act as one team

    Trust each other, succeed together, and grow together. Collaborate across teams and make decisions that are best for WBD overall. Prioritize growth, development, and well-being for our teams. Respect and support each other, and celebrate wins.

  • Create what's next

    Be curious, innovate, and focus on the future. Drive change, embrace disruption, and never stop learning. Use data and technology to transform what we create and how we tell stories and deliver. Experiment, fail fast, acknowledge mistakes and learn from them.

  • Empower Storytelling

    Put creators, consumers and partners at the center, and share extraordinary stories. Tell stories that entertain and inspire our viewers, communities, and each other. Foster creativity by giving the freedom to try new things and produce our best work. Deliver the best experience; anticipate what consumers want and be fan obsessed.

  • Champion Inclusion

    Empower others, have courage, and pursue equity. Amplify the voices of global storytellers to reflect audiences around the world. Intentionally seek out diversity, remove barriers, and create space for all to share ideas and be heard. Actively listen and lead with empathy, integrity, and transparency.

  • Dream it & own it

    Advocate the mission, move with speed, and drive results. Have an owner's mindset; bring a perspective, take decisive rapid action, and manage spend responsibly. Make clear choices, set ambitious goals, and be accountable for results. Speak up and fearlessly challenge the norm.