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Client Service Associate, Private Equity Clients (August 2024 Start)

  • Job
    Entry Level
  • Business, Operations & Strategy
  • $60K - $72K
  • Dallas

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  • You must be highly organized, able to multitask, work well under pressure, have strong communication skills, be a self-starter, seek feedback for continual improvement, and strive for excellence in client relationships and results.
  • You will pitch products to investors, build relationships, solve client challenges, and continuously learn to grow revenue for private equity clients.


  • Qualifications:
  • Areas that play to your strengths:
  • You must be able to deliver high quality work on a deadline. You will be working on lots of active workstreams simultaneously, but that doesn’t scare you - in fact it excites you, and you’re confident in your ability to multitask and remain organized. Private equity investors are under a lot of pressure to make decisions fast, but you stay calm and get things done. If at times your client asks you for help out of hours, or your expert is in a different time zone, you strive to support - your hours vary according to the client project you are involved in, but you prefer that to a routine job. There is no typical week as a Third Bridge Associate.
  • The Founder’s Mentality completely resonates with you, as this approach is part of our DNA. You’re an independent thinker who feels energized by the freedom Associates have to come up with the best solutions for their clients, because you’re endlessly curious and often question the way things are done. As long as you are eager to learn, we’ll provide you with the resources and coaching you need as you bring value to your clients and experts.
  • You’re a clear communicator who can create the right narrative to share your ideas with a wide range of people, such as introducing our products and services to new clients and experts. You find that conversations often lead to strong relationships with people because you easily connect. You always look for the most efficient way to get things done, rather than the path of least resistance - for example you pick up the phone to get an answer to your questions straight away, rather than send an email and wait for a reply. Cold calling doesn’t phase you - what matters to you is to get results, and fast.
  • Your attitude is to roll up your sleeves and you enjoy being in the thick of the action. It matters a great deal to you to understand how your performance ranks against your own potential and against others, so you continuously seek feedback to make sure you can be at the top of your game. One of your clients preferring a competitor over you is not an acceptable state of affairs for you - you’re relentless in getting the data points you need to adjust your approach until you are their number one. With the soft skills gained on the job (hard skills are getting displaced by machines), you aspire to a future as a high EQ business leader.


  • Salesperson: listen to your clients and tailor our offering in a way that best suits their unique needs. Use your negotiation and persuasion skills to create value for our specialists.
  • In practice: you will pitch our entire suite of products (content and expert calls) to investors in your book of business, and you will convince experts (from CEOs to technical experts) to speak to your clients about their industry.
  • Business developer: understand the drivers of profitable revenue and find your path to grow it. Work with your team to execute strategies for the accounts you are responsible for.
  • In practice: this could mean calling investors who have never used our services to build relationships and get business from them.
  • Problem solver: A client can challenge you with any company name and questions: you’ll break down an industry within minutes, suggest who they should speak with and what they should read.
  • In practice: you will search for relevant content and vet experts to support your clients at each stage of their research.You will not give them investment advice.
  • Learner: apply the knowledge and skills you acquire on the job to improve your productivity and find innovative ways to continue advancing our business model.
  • In practice: when a process gets in the way of your speed, you propose an alternate solution and speak with the right people to implement it.


What is the role of a Client Service Associate for Private Equity Clients at Third Bridge?

As a Client Service Associate for Private Equity Clients at Third Bridge, you will be responsible for working closely with private equity funds to provide access to relevant experts and content throughout their investment lifecycles. Your role will involve pitching products, building relationships with investors, problem solving for clients, and continuously learning to improve productivity and grow the business.

What qualifications are required for the Client Service Associate role in Private Equity Clients at Third Bridge?

The ideal candidate for the Client Service Associate role in Private Equity Clients at Third Bridge should possess strong multitasking and organizational skills, be able to work well under pressure and meet deadlines, have an independent and curious mindset, excel in communication and relationship building, and be willing to learn and adapt to new challenges.

What are some of the benefits and compensation offered for the Client Service Associate role in Private Equity Clients at Third Bridge?

The total first-year compensation for the Client Service Associate role at Third Bridge exceeds $72,000, including bonuses. Benefits include a competitive base salary with bonus potential, increase in salary after 12 months, vacation days, personal development allowance, health and wellbeing coverage, retirement savings matching, flexibility in work location, social events, and opportunities for professional growth.

What are some of the key responsibilities of a Client Service Associate working with Private Equity Clients at Third Bridge?

Key responsibilities for a Client Service Associate in Private Equity Clients at Third Bridge include managing client relationships, pitching products to investors, sourcing experts and content for clients, problem-solving for client inquiries, and continuously seeking feedback and learning opportunities. The role also involves working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment to meet client needs and deliver exceptional service.

How can a Client Service Associate in Private Equity Clients at Third Bridge progress in their career within the organization?

After demonstrating strong results in the role of Client Service Associate, individuals at Third Bridge have the opportunity to transition from an individual contributor to managing a team and P&L. Depending on career aspirations, there are opportunities to move into roles in Sales, Product, or other areas within the organization. Additional training and coaching are provided to support professional growth and development.

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