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Community Associate - CO, Fort Collins - Spaces Linden Street Old Town


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16d ago

  • Job
    Junior Level
  • Customer Relations
  • Fort Collins

AI generated summary

  • You must be a good communicator, able to multitask, empathize with others, and solve problems efficiently. Positive, adaptable, and tech-savvy with 1+ years of customer service experience. Eligible to work in the country and at least 18 years old.
  • You will assist customers with various needs throughout the day, from setting up meeting rooms to handling mail and invoicing. You will also help organize networking events and ensure the center is running smoothly.


  • We’re looking for someone who knows how to manage multiple tasks while providing customers with the best possible service. You also need to be:
  • A good communicator, with the ability to build strong professional relationships and empathize with people’s needs (Ideally 1+ years of customer service experience)
  • Happy taking ownership of problems and finding ways to solve them
  • Positive, enthusiastic, and able to adapt to fast-changing situations
  • Experience and confidence using MS Office and other basic IT equipment
  • Legally eligible to work in the Country you are applying within and at least 18 years old


  • You arrive a few minutes before your center opens to make sure everything is ready and check there’s nothing the cleaners have missed.
  • Customers arrive all throughout the morning. One asks you for a changed WiFi code. Another wants to know if his important package has arrived. A woman needs directions to her meeting room… and can you help her set up the projector and show her where to find a great cup of coffee. You’re off to help her get set-up, as soon as you connect the incoming call to another customer. You may sure that all of the services are properly charged, so that invoices are accurate.
  • It’s time for a quick coffee break, relax and enjoy a few minutes to yourself.
  • The mail arrives. You sort through it while dealing with a whole host of other customer requests, remembering to email the customer from earlier to let him know his package is waiting for him in his mailbox. And that’s lunch.
  • A new wave of customers arrive throughout the afternoon. You help a customer with printing and another with their invoice. A customer in a team room say it’s too hot in their office, no problem you are on it and open a ticket in our service portal.
  • You’ve earned yourself another quick coffee break, relax and enjoy a few minutes to yourself.
  • Early afternoon, you sit down with the Community Manager to discuss the organization of next week’s networking event in your center. You plan and write the e-invites to customers, then create, print and put-up posters on the noticeboards around the center. To your excitement, the Community Manager is coming around the corner with a prospect (someone interested in joining the IWG community), you share a few details about what makes this space so amazing for your customers and encourage them to join the network soon so they can participate in next week’s networking event – then you head back to finish putting up your posters.
  • The day is coming to a close. Time to gently ask the large group in meeting room 3 to start wrapping up. You direct them to the nice restaurant you know around the corner, so they can grab a bite and continue their discussion. You ensure everything’s nice and tidy, it’s time to head home.


What are the main responsibilities of a Community Associate at Spaces Linden Street Old Town?

A Community Associate at Spaces Linden Street Old Town is responsible for working closely with new and existing customers across various industries, creating and maintaining a community within the center, and assisting with all administrative and support needs for customers so they can focus on running their businesses.

What skills are required to be successful in this role?

Successful Community Associates at Spaces Linden Street Old Town possess excellent communication and customer service skills, organization and time management abilities, and the capability to build relationships with customers and colleagues.

What is the work environment like at Spaces Linden Street Old Town?

The work environment at Spaces Linden Street Old Town is vibrant, professional, and dynamic. Community Associates have the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of customers from various industries, creating a collaborative and energetic atmosphere.

How does a Community Associate support customers in running their businesses?

A Community Associate supports customers in running their businesses by handling all administrative and support needs, such as managing mail and phone calls, coordinating meetings and events, and providing assistance with office equipment and technology. This allows customers to focus on their core business activities.

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