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  • You must be 16 or older to apply for the Customer Service Manager position at Walmart Canada. Minimum qualifications also required.
  • You will oversee safety procedures, handle customer concerns, train associates, monitor front end operations, ensure accurate transactions, manage EAS systems, and promote company initiatives.


  • Minimum Qualifications...
  • Age - 16 or older


  • Ensures safe work processes and emergency procedures are followed, i.e., safe lifting techniques, cleanliness of area, evacuations, down registers, emergency codes, theft.
  • Handles customer and Associate concerns and provide guidance as required.
  • Monitors all Front End associates ensuring proper coverage, coordinating breaks as well as provides assistance to outlying registers.
  • Provides training to Associates on systems and Company procedures, i.e., scanning accuracy, productivity, company programs and initiatives, discounts, EAS system, and safety.
  • Oversees purchase, return and exchange transactions and assists with the correction of errors where required, providing approvals, and verifying processes to meet Company guidelines.
  • Ensures all EAS systems are functioning to standard, i.e. Cashiers deactivating, Greeters handling issues appropriately, completing “Failure to Deactivate” Logs.
  • Prepares registers for opening and closing daily and supports cashiers by providing change as needed, while maintaining front end cash levels and supports process by completing audits on register accuracy.
  • Oversees and promotes all company sponsor programs and initiatives, i.e., credit card service, Walmart protection plan, charity initiatives, and discount programs. ‎


What are the main responsibilities of a Customer Service Manager at Walmart Canada?

A Customer Service Manager at Walmart Canada is responsible for coordinating front end operations, providing exceptional customer service, ensuring a positive shopping experience, maintaining compliance for company programs and operational standards, handling customer and Associate concerns, monitoring Front End associates, providing training on systems and Company procedures, overseeing purchase, return and exchange transactions, ensuring all EAS systems are functioning properly, preparing registers for opening and closing, and promoting company sponsor programs and initiatives.

What qualifications are required for the Customer Service Manager position at Walmart Canada?

The minimum qualifications for the Customer Service Manager position at Walmart Canada include being at least 16 years old. Other qualifications may vary depending on the location and specific requirements of the job.

What are some key skills necessary for a Customer Service Manager at Walmart Canada?

Some key skills necessary for a Customer Service Manager at Walmart Canada include strong communication and leadership skills, ability to handle customer and Associate concerns, organization and time management skills, attention to detail, ability to follow and enforce company policies and procedures, and a positive attitude towards customer service.

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