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7d ago

  • Job
    Senior (5-8 years)
  • Software Engineering
  • $137K - $167.2K
  • New York City

AI generated summary

  • You need experience in consulting on tool implementations, working with VP-level members, data querying, databases, product analytics, and managing complex projects. Strong communication, analytical skills, and the ability to adapt to evolving customer needs are essential.
  • You will serve as a trusted technical advisor, delivering ROI to customers, optimizing data health, and bridging the technical-business gap to transform businesses with analytics and data architecture expertise.


  • Experience consulting on defining and delivering ROI through new tool implementations
  • Experience working with VP-level members of the customer organization to define a strategic vision and successfully leveraging those members to deliver on that vision
  • The ability to communicate with stakeholders at all levels of an organization — from talking with developers about the ins and outs of an API to talking to a CIO about organizational efficiency
  • Experience in data querying, modeling, and transforming in at least one core tool, including SQL / dbt / Python / Business Intelligence tools / Product Analytics tools, etc.
  • Familiar with databases and cloud data warehouses like Google Cloud, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, Databricks, etc.
  • Familiar with product analytics implementation methods like SDKs, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), Event Streaming, Reverse ETL, etc.
  • Familiar with analytics best practices across business segments and verticals
  • Can manage complex projects with assorted client stakeholders, working across teams and departments to execute real change
  • Has a demonstrated successful record of experience in customer success, client-facing professional services, consulting, or technical project management role
  • Excellent written, analytical, and communication skills
  • Strong process and/or project delivery discipline
  • Eager to learn new technologies and adapt to evolving customer needs


  • Serve as a trusted technical advisor for prospects/customers to provide strategic consultation on data architecture, governance, instrumentation, and business outcomes
  • Effectively communicate at all levels of the customer’s organization to influence business outcomes via Mixpanel, design and execute a comprehensive analytics strategy, and unblock technical and organizational roadblocks
  • Own the customer’s success with Mixpanel — documenting and delivering ROI to the customer throughout their journey to transform their business with self-serve analytics
  • Own onboarding and data health for our strategic and high-value prospects/customers, including ongoing enhancements to their data quality and overall tech stack integration
  • Engage with customers’ engineering, product management, and marketing teams to handle technical onboarding, optimize Mixpanel deployments, and improve data trust
  • Deliver a variety of technical services ranging from data architecture consultations to adoption and change management best practices
  • Leverage modern data architecture expertise to create scalable data governance practices and data trust for our customers, including data optimization and re-implementation projects
  • Successfully execute on success outcomes whilst balancing project timelines, scope creep, and unanticipated issues
  • Bridge the technical-business gap with your customers — working with high-level business stakeholders to define a strategic vision for Mixpanel and then working with the right business and technical contacts to execute that vision
  • Collaborate with our technical and solutions partners as needed on data optimization and onboarding projects
  • Be a technical sponsor for internal engagements with Mixpanel product and engineering teams to prioritize product and systems tasks from clients


What will be my main responsibilities as a Customer Success Architect?

As a Customer Success Architect, your main responsibilities will include partnering with customers throughout their journey to understand their needs and drive value with the use of analytics. This includes assisting with proof of concepts, onboarding, implementation, and providing ongoing consultation to maximize the value of Mixpanel for customers. For enterprise customers, you will also focus on driving data trust and product adoption among multiple end user teams.

What skills are required to excel in this role as a Customer Success Architect?

To excel in this role as a Customer Success Architect, you will need strong analytical skills, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as well as a deep understanding of data governance best practices. Experience in customer success, account management, or consulting roles within the tech industry is highly beneficial. Additionally, having a solid understanding of analytics and the ability to drive business value for customers is crucial.

How do I measure success in this role as a Customer Success Architect?

Success in this role as a Customer Success Architect will be measured by your ability to drive value for customers through the successful implementation and usage of Mixpanel. This includes demonstrating quick time to value, achieving ROI for customers, and increasing product adoption among end user teams. Your success will also be determined by your ability to build strong relationships with customers and effectively consult them on maximizing the value of Mixpanel for their business.

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