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    Mid-level (3-4 years) - Senior (5-8 years)
  • Software Engineering
  • London
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AI generated summary

  • You need a Bachelor’s Degree in a Science or Engineering discipline, 4+ years in a senior engineering role, Python fluency, cloud computing experience, team management skills, and knowledge of modern DevOps tools and ML frameworks. Familiarity with Kubernetes is a strong plus.
  • You will lead a DevOps team in crafting and implementing ML models, collaborating with different departments, staying updated with industry tools, mentoring team members, and contributing to team growth through hiring and interviewing.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in a Science or Engineering related discipline.
  • A passion for coding, data science, and open-source technologies.
  • 4+ years of experience in a senior engineering role.
  • Ability to lead and mentor a small team of developers.
  • Excellent communication skills; both in customer-facing and internal team communication.
  • Experience in team management Experience delivering software using an agile development methodology.
  • Fluency in Python programming and willingness to learn new languages and technologies as needed. Knowledge of Go is a plus.
  • Experience with cloud computing, for example, AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure, along with modern DevOps tools and techniques.
  • Fluent in our core software tooling: Git, Unix/Linux, Docker, CI/CD. Has a strong opinion on their IDE/editor of choice
  • Familiarity with modern machine learning tools, for instance TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch or SKLearn. Commercial experience with these is not essential.
  • Knowledge of MLOps is not essential, but some awareness of this emerging space is good to have.
  • Experience with Kubernetes is a strong plus
  • Fluency in English


  • Work end-to-end on the ML lifecycle, from data exploration to model operationalization, and Partner with different teams and domains on crafting, explaining, and implementing ML models.
  • Collaborate with data engineers, data scientists, product, etc in a multi-functional team for the delivery and maintenance of these solutions and business integration
  • Working closely with the other department to understand their needs and recommend appropriate solutions, and support the customer on an on-going basis.
  • Led sprint planning sessions, retrospectives, and code reviews
  • Staying up-to-date with a fast-moving industry, embracing new tools and frameworks
  • Working as part of the team, sharing and reviewing ideas, mentoring and guiding team members through technology architecture and implementation details.
  • Leading by example: demonstrating what good looks like through doing
  • Helping to grow the team by taking part in hiring and interviewing.


What is the main responsibility of a DevOps Team Lead in this role?

The main responsibility of a DevOps Team Lead in this role is to work at the intersection of machine learning and engineering, leading teams to deliver innovative and high-quality services in the field of ML Ops.

What are some important skills needed for this position?

Some important skills needed for this position include strong leadership skills, experience in DevOps practices, familiarity with machine learning technologies, and a passion for adopting new technologies.

What are some key tasks that a DevOps Team Lead would typically perform?

Some key tasks that a DevOps Team Lead would typically perform include leading teams to implement engineering standard methodologies such as code reviews and unit testing, advocating for the adoption of new technologies, and ensuring the successful delivery of innovative services.

How does this role contribute to the overall success of the organization?

This role contributes to the overall success of the organization by leading teams to deliver high-quality and innovative services in the field of ML Ops, driving efficiency and effectiveness in machine learning operations, and staying ahead of the curve with new technologies and practices.

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