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Digital Marketing Producer

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    Mid-level (3-4 years) - Senior (5-8 years)
  • Product
  • $80K - $103.4K
  • Manhattan
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  • You must have 4+ years of production experience, understand software dev and project management, work well with diverse teams, know Agile methodologies, and be proficient in MS Office and project tracking software. Strong organizational and communication skills are a must. Knowledge of gaming and Scrum certification are pluses.
  • You will collaborate with teams to create and refine features, analyze product performance, develop roadmaps, maintain project schedules, and educate stakeholders on emerging technologies for Rockstar Games.


  • Minimum 4 years of experience in a production / development environment.
  • Comprehensive understanding of software development and project management processes and practices.
  • Proven ability to work with various producers, developers, designers and testers across multiple studios and projects.
  • Familiarity with Agile Development methodologies.
  • Experience with Microsoft Office, Confluence and other project tracking and bug database software
  • Skills:
  • Excellent organizational and prioritization skills, attention to detail, process knowledge and ability to multi-task.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills and the ability to communicate effectively across product, development, and management teams.
  • Pluses:
  • Please note that these are desirable skills and are not required to apply for the position.
  • Avid gamer with a passion for Rockstar Games titles.
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner or similar product-focused certification.
  • Passion for bringing people together through online games.


  • Write product briefs and liaise with technical and design leadership to gauge feasibility and level of effort.
  • Collaborate with UX and visual designers to transform bold concepts into refined, well scoped features.
  • Partner with analysts to create KPI dashboards and generate insights on product performance to inform feature design.
  • Create and maintain project schedules and milestone documentation.
  • Generate product roadmaps and secure consensus from stakeholders on scope and deliverable timelines.
  • Command a high-level mastery of features and systems within your portfolio and explain their capabilities and limitations to non-technical stakeholders.
  • Identify and solicit input from cross-functional teams with necessary technical knowledge and responsibilities to drive projects forward.
  • Identify all groups and teams affected by a project, and involve them – solicit their input on requirements and follow up through execution to confirm requirements are being met.
  • Educate internal stakeholders about new and emerging technologies we can use, and advocate for their use in service of new titles, content releases, and live operations.


What skills and qualifications are required for the Digital Marketing Producer position at Rockstar?

Candidates for the Digital Marketing Producer position at Rockstar should have experience managing innovative, creative, and technical digital marketing projects. They should be creative, technically savvy, proactive, and dedicated individuals who are comfortable with ambiguity and obstacles. Additionally, candidates should be able to work effectively with collaborative marketing, development, and creative teams.

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Rockstar Games is a renowned video game development company that creates and publishes interactive entertainment. They are best known for developing critically acclaimed and highly popular game franchises such as Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and Max Payne. Their ultimate mission is to push the boundaries of interactive entertainment and deliver immersive gaming experiences to players worldwide. Rockstar Games' purpose is to craft innovative, engaging, and visually stunning games that captivate players and offer them compelling storytelling, dynamic open-world environments, and a sense of freedom to explore and interact with the game world. Through their games, they aim to provide players with thrilling and memorable experiences, making them leaders in the gaming industry and earning a dedicated fan base of gamers worldwide.