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  • You need an engineering degree or extensive experience in railway engineering, project management skills, financial knowledge, regulatory compliance expertise, and strong leadership abilities to excel in this Director Track role.
  • You will oversee regulatory compliance, safety practices, and emergency response for a geographic territory, ensuring safe and efficient rail operations while managing budgets and fostering cross-functional relationships.


  • Must possess an Engineering Degree (Exception for non-university graduates provided sufficient experience and demonstrated performance in railroad engineering)
  • 10 years of industrial or construction experience OR 5 years’ experience in the maintenance of railway physical plant and good understanding of track maintenance, track renewal, structures maintenance and signals & communications
  • Good knowledge of accounting principles and financial statements
  • Demonstrated capability to apply relevant knowledge and technical skills to monitor adherence to CPKC policies and standards as well regulatory requirements
  • Capability to develop and manage a project plan/schedule
  • Ability to simultaneously manage priorities and ensure delivery of key performance metrics during emergency and non-emergency operations
  • Strong people leadership
  • Ability to influence peers, cross functional co-managers and Executive leadership team
  • Ability to work with people, with integrity
  • Ability to drill down, understand root cause and resolve complex issues


  • Provide professional oversight and deliver regulatory compliance for respective geographic territory as required under regulation to ensure safe, compliant infrastructure is maintained
  • Ensure the application of CPKC safety practices, policies and procedures by all direct reports
  • Deliver specified safety, compliance, service, and financial outputs/results expected within their geographic territory, and implements work process changes that achieve continuous improvement
  • Develop and execute annual safety plans
  • Direct, coordinate, and/or implement emergency response to service interruptions for geographical territory and maintains/executes seasonal plans related to winter, spring/flood, and fire
  • Execute work in a manner consistent with labor agreements
  • Establish/maintain cross functional relationships within their geographic territory and ensures clear cross functional working relationships between all direct reports
  • Accountable for current year execution and provides information/recommendations for annual/multiyear capital planning priorities
  • Coach direct reports to improve their effectiveness, invoke performance improvement plans, assess personal effectiveness and provide development opportunities, and promote individual career development plans for each direct report
  • Accountable for the investigation of train accidents in main track and sidings, including the timely filing of cause
  • Ensure infrastructure damage costs are determined and reported consistent with Transport Canada regulations for all train accidents


What are the requirements for the Director Track position at CPKCKC?

The requirements for the Director Track position at CPKCKC include possessing an Engineering Degree (or equivalent experience), having 10 years of industrial or construction experience OR 5 years of experience in railway physical plant maintenance, good knowledge of accounting principles and financial statements, and the ability to manage project plans and schedules.

What kind of benefits does CPKCKC offer to employees in the Director Track position?

CPKCKC offers a flexible and competitive benefits package, a competitive company pension plan, an Employee Share Purchase Plan, a Performance Incentive Program, an Annual Fitness Subsidy, and a Part-time Studies Program for employees in the Director Track position.

Are there any medical requirements for the Director Track position at CPKCKC?

Yes, all new hires for safety-sensitive positions at CPKCKC are required to complete a pre-employment medical assessment, which includes a physical, vision, hearing, alcohol, and drug audit assessment. Pre-employment qualification drug tests are also required for candidates in safety-sensitive positions.

What background checks are conducted for candidates applying for the Director Track position at CPKCKC?

The successful candidate for the Director Track position at CPKCKC will need to successfully complete a criminal history check, reference check, and driver’s license verification as part of the background investigation process.

Is participation in the Management Conductor Program required for employees in the Director Track position at CPKCKC?

Yes, employees in the Director Track position at CPKCKC may be required to obtain certification or maintain their current certification as a conductor or locomotive engineer through the Management Conductor Program as a way to learn the business at CPKCKC.


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