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  • You must have advanced initiative, judgment, interpersonal skills, and decision-making abilities. Strong communication, adaptability, business acumen, and experience in retail are essential. Post-secondary education in business or equivalent is required, along with a valid driver's license.
  • You will oversee store operations, financial targets, coach store managers, monitor performance, analyze data, develop action plans, implement initiatives, improve processes, resolve issues, and support talent development.


  • This position requires an advanced level of initiative and judgment in order to organize and prioritize tasks, workload and projects. Courtesy, tact and diplomacy are required in dealing with colleagues in every day working relationships.
  • Requires an ability to apply concepts and theories to improve functions or units.
  • Manages a function or unit by focusing on achievement of objectives.
  • Requires specialized interpersonal skills to resolve situations with colleagues where there may be some level of conflict, stress or uncertainty.
  • Provides solutions by using imaginative approaches where constructive thinking and innovation are required.
  • Utilizes decision making skills to achieve specific organizational objectives with consideration given to their impact on other work groups.
  • Adaptable to set and prioritize work with varying exceptions. Able to work with diverse personalities and styles.
  • Communicates with clarity, verbally and in one on one or group situations, or over the telephone.
  • Communicates well in writing by composing clear documents; facility with editing and/or proof-reading is required.
  • Computer skills to produce and interpret reports, documents and presentations. Knowledge of inventory management and accounting software.
  • Business acumen - advanced understanding of quality standards relative to operational improvement, strategic planning and business growth.
  • Professional manner, tact, diplomacy and discretion in dealing with associates and colleagues including senior management.
  • Experience:
  • Greater than seven years, but less than or equal to ten years of business/retail or equivalent experience.
  • Education:
  • Post secondary education equivalent to a university degree in Business/Merchandising or equivalent.
  • Requirements:
  • Holds a valid driver’s license.


  • Develops and communicates a common year plan to establish financial targets and provide a strong strategic direction for each store in the region.
  • Liaises closely with Associates and store management to provide coaching and guidance, develop day to day operations, achieve targets and foster an environment of continuous improvement.
  • Performs regular store visitations to monitor the implementation and execution of strategic plans, including marketing and merchandising, adherence to operational standards and identifies opportunities to improve performance.
  • Analyzes sales and financial data and P&L statements to monitor financial success of each location, highlight potential growth areas, and ensure the Associates are on target to meet common year plan goals.
  • Monitors business systems in each location to highlight and recommend opportunities for improvement.
  • Develops and communicates action plans to successfully implement corporate initiatives efficiently.
  • Develops and communicates operational methodologies and best working practices to improve customer service, visual merchandising and process improvements.
  • Communicates regularly with Associates and store management to resolve issues or concerns promptly, coordinate between stores and corporate departments and provide recommendations as required.
  • Identifies potential new talent and assists in creating talent development plans, and supports training initiatives to develop a competent staff and assist Associates with succession planning.


What are the primary responsibilities of a District Manager?

The primary responsibilities of a District Manager include developing and communicating a common year plan, providing coaching and guidance to store management and associates, monitoring store performance and financial data, analyzing sales and financial data, and developing operational methodologies to improve customer service.

What skills are required for a District Manager position?

Skills required for a District Manager position include advanced initiative and judgment, specialized interpersonal skills, strong decision-making abilities, excellent communication skills, proficiency in inventory management and accounting software, business acumen, and a professional demeanor.

How much experience is required for a District Manager role?

A District Manager position typically requires greater than seven years but less than or equal to ten years of business/retail or equivalent experience.

What educational background is necessary for a District Manager?

A District Manager position typically requires post-secondary education equivalent to a university degree in Business/Merchandising or equivalent.

Are there any specific requirements for a District Manager position?

Yes, a District Manager typically needs to hold a valid driver's license to travel between store locations.

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