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Duty Manager (Part Time - 27 hours contract)

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    Junior & Mid Level
  • Hospitality & Retail
  • Sheffield

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  • You must have proven success in a fast-paced retail environment, be energetic, organised, and passionate about leadership. Thrive in a lively, sometimes challenging, setting.
  • You will lead, inspire, and ensure seamless store operations, exceptional customer service, and impeccable store conditions to drive sales and profitability.


  • Proven success as a Retail Supervisor / Duty Manager / Assistant Manager / Shift Manager in fast-paced retail.
  • Energetic, organised, and passionate about leadership.
  • Thrive in a lively, sometimes challenging, environment.


  • As a Duty Manager at Heron Foods, you will be the heartbeat of our store, making sure everything ticks along seamlessly!
  • Lead & inspire the team to greatness!
  • Ensure customer service shines & handle queries like a pro.
  • Maintain a stunning store condition – from cleanliness to merchandising.
  • Aim for the stars with sales targets and profitability.


What are the responsibilities of a Duty Manager?

As a Duty Manager at Heron Foods, you will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the store. This includes managing staff, ensuring customer satisfaction, maintaining cleanliness and safety standards, and handling any issues that may arise during your shift.

What are the hours for this part-time position?

This part-time position is for 27 hours per week, spread out over various shifts including evenings and weekends.

What qualities are you looking for in potential Duty Manager candidates?

We are looking for candidates who are proactive, customer-focused, have strong leadership skills, and are able to work well under pressure. Experience in retail management and a passion for providing excellent customer service are also important qualities we are seeking.

Is there room for advancement within the company for Duty Managers?

Yes, at Heron Foods we believe in promoting from within and there are opportunities for advancement for hard-working and dedicated employees. We offer training and development programs to help our staff grow and succeed in their careers.

How does Heron Foods support work-life balance for their employees?

We strive to provide a work-life balance for our employees by offering flexible scheduling options and ensuring that our team members have time off to rest and recharge. We also offer competitive pay and benefits to support our employees' overall well-being.

We are committed to providing top quality food products at the lowest possible prices every day in every store.

Retail & Consumer Goods
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Mission & Purpose

Heron Foods is a discount retailer in the UK, offering a wide range of quality food and household products at low prices. They operate over 250 stores, primarily in the North of England and the Midlands, providing customers with great value and exceptional service. Their aim is to help families save money on their everyday shopping needs while maintaining high standards of freshness and quality. Heron Foods is committed to affordability, convenience, and supporting local communities by making essential goods accessible to everyone.

Culture & Values

  • Honest

    We are honest in all our dealings. We don’t over complicate. We are transparent and always do the right thing.

  • Energetic

    We complete all tasks with energy and drive. We relish a challenge and give 100%.

  • Responsive

    We are responsive to change. We adapt and take action as required. We make recommendations and assist our colleagues.

  • Organised

    We always plan ahead, taking into account business needs. We communicate with the wider business to prevent confusion. We aim to be organised in all we do.

  • Knowledgeable

    We are knowledgeable and relish learning new skills. We question things we don’t understand and we endeavour to be subject experts in our field.