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Electrical Engineering Manager - Mixed Signal Hardware

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    Senior (5-8 years) - Expert / Leadership (9+ years)
  • Engineering
  • $150K - $200K
  • San Francisco
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AI generated summary

  • You must have extensive experience in FPGA based software defined radios for GEO satellites, mixed-signal hardware design, PCB design, project management, and team leadership. Passion for hardware development and strong communication skills are essential.
  • You will lead a team to design cutting-edge software defined radios for space, manage PCB design workflows, architect high-speed mixed signal systems, and drive technical innovation.


  • An individual who has built and overseen the entire design cycle of FPGA based software defined radios for GEO space telecommunications satellites
  • Proven record of delivering custom designed hardware that spans the entire range of signal chain design, integration of FPGAs with high speed data converters, custom power and clocking solutions, and supporting RTL development
  • Experience with design and analysis of payloads for satellite communications, including radiation effects within FPGA based systems or highly complex digital devices
  • History of leading small teams and mentoring employees, strong communication skills, and ability to make high impact decisions under uncertainty.
  • B.S. or higher in electrical or computer engineering, or similar technical degree
  • 8+ years of professional experience in mixed-signal and high-speed digital hardware design. Examples include FPGAs, high speed data converters, SerDes and high speed serial links, networking, JESD204C
  • 8+ years of PCB-level experience designing hardware from concept through production (schematic capture, layout, bring-up, characterization, etc)
  • Proven leadership through project management, mentorship, and people management experience
  • A passion for hardware development, including working in a fast-paced environment and hands-on design
  • Bonus:
  • Strong background in mixed signal system performance measurement, design validation, and debugging (EVM testing, spur analysis, multi-carrier measurements, etc)
  • Experience simulating high speed digital protocols using Ansys SIwave, Keysight ADS, or similar tools
  • Experience with Altium or similar EDA tools for high-density PCB design
  • Strong background in digital communications theory and measurement of radio nonidealities (HD, IMD, IQ imbalance, gain ripple, group delay distortion, etc)


  • Lead and develop a team of electrical engineers to design industry shattering software defined radios capable of running complex signal processing algorithms in space!
  • Oversee and manage design workflows for highly complex PCBAs with integrated compute, high speed I/O, data converters, and power distribution.
  • Architect ultra high-speed mixed signal systems to achieve the most efficient and flexible communications payloads, integrating them with the rest of the spacecraft
  • Ensure competitiveness through continuous technical innovation and industry expertise


What are the main responsibilities of an Electrical Engineering Manager - Mixed Signal Hardware?

The main responsibilities include overseeing the development of custom Software Defined Radios from architecture definition to board design, testing, and qualification.

What skills are important for someone in this role?

Important skills include a strong background in electrical engineering, experience with mixed signal hardware, project management skills, and the ability to lead a team.

What is the main focus of this role?

The main focus is on delivering high-quality custom Software Defined Radios by overseeing the hardware development process.

What is the typical project timeline for developing custom Software Defined Radios?

The project timeline can vary depending on the complexity of the project, but typically includes architecture definition, board design, testing, and qualification phases.

What experience is required for this role?

Candidates for this role should have a background in electrical engineering, experience with mixed signal hardware design, and experience leading engineering teams.

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