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Engineering Manager, Storage Foundation



1mo ago

  • Job
    Mid & Senior Level
  • Engineering
  • $204K - $254K

AI generated summary

  • You must have 3-5+ years of engineering management experience and 6+ years in software development. Expertise in public cloud providers, distributed storage, collaboration skills, problem-solving abilities, and a passion for system quality.
  • You will lead a team in defining and executing a vision for Airbnb's storage infrastructure, attracting top talent, nurturing technical excellence, and building partnerships within and outside the company.


  • 3-5+ years of engineering management experience, with 6+ years of relevant software development experience in a fast paced tech environment.
  • Expertise with a public cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Azure) and their Storage, VM, networking, Kubernetes, Security offerings.
  • Experience with building and operating distributed storage and services.
  • Strong collaboration and communication skills with a customer-first mindset, ability to abstract various customer requests into a platform vision and solution.
  • Experience in designing architecture that is long-term and evolvable.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work well within a team and with teams across the engineering organization.
  • Strong problem solver and have led a team that is on-call for production infrastructure before.
  • Passionate about efficiency, availability, technical quality and system quality.


  • Work with TLs and partner teams to define and execute on a coherent vision and roadmap for Airbnb’s storage infrastructure and related components.
  • Build a robust team by attracting top talent, mentoring individuals and managing conflict.
  • Nurture a culture of technical quality from design, through code review, to production.
  • Build strong partnership with internal teams across infrastructure by developing and communicating a clear and impactful vision and priorities for the team.
  • Represent Airbnb to build strong relationships with open source communities and external service partners.


What are the primary responsibilities of an Engineering Manager, Storage Foundation at Airbnb?

The primary responsibilities include leading a team of software engineers to build, operate, and improve managed storage services, designing and delivering new storage solutions to support Airbnb's business needs, managing control planes and provisioning services for production clusters, and overseeing a distributed coordination service to support mission-critical systems.

What technical challenges will an Engineering Manager, Storage Foundation face at Airbnb?

Some of the technical challenges an Engineering Manager, Storage Foundation may face include building highly available, low-latency distributed storage solutions for millions of read QPS, designing and implementing a new paved path for online Graph Store, managing OpenSearch and ElasticCache clusters at high IOPS and indexing QPS, and overseeing a distributed coordination service across global regions.

What skills and experiences are required for an individual to excel in the role of Engineering Manager, Storage Foundation at Airbnb?

The ideal candidate should have experience leading software engineering teams, designing and implementing highly available distributed systems, working with storage technologies like K/V storage, Graph databases, and coordination services, and have a strong technical background in systems architecture and design. Additionally, strong leadership, communication, and strategic planning skills are essential for success in this role.

How does an Engineering Manager, Storage Foundation collaborate with other teams at Airbnb?

An Engineering Manager, Storage Foundation works closely with peers in Storage Infra, Product teams, and Infra teams in Compute, Networking, Security, and Reliability across the company. They also collaborate with external vendors to ensure the successful development, implementation, and operation of storage solutions to meet Airbnb's business needs.

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