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Full Stack Data Scientist



19d ago

  • Job
    Junior Level
  • Data
  • £123.2K - £184.8K
  • Boston

AI generated summary

  • You need a strong statistical background, programming skills, and a degree in a quantitative discipline. Excited to learn, communicate well, and work on challenging problems as a data scientist and engineer.
  • You will build, test, and deploy data science algorithms for large and small data sets, enable testing at scale, and work cross functionally to drive experimentation and optimization. Opportunities for growth abound.


  • Strong statistical background. Passion for experimental design and presentation of data
  • 1+ years experience working in a data science or applied probability
  • Proficient in at least one modern programming language
  • Bachelor’s or advanced degree in computer science, applied math, statistics or other relevant quantitative discipline, or equivalent industry experience
  • Able to communicate well, work with others, learn continuously, and excited by difficult problems
  • Excited to learn engineering skills and contribute as both a data scientist and an engineer


  • Be the data science expert on a full stack engineering team.
  • Build a platform that enables robust experimentation and optimization for users of all levels of statistical literacy.
  • Test algorithms and techniques on large and small data sets - audience sizes on Klaviyo span approximately seven orders of magnitude
  • Enable testing at scale. More than 60k unique experiments are started via our platform each month.
  • Fully own features from conception through rigorous experimentation to deployment
  • Work cross functionally with product, design, and engineering
  • Have ample opportunities for growth


What skills are required for the Full Stack Data Scientist position at Klaivyo?

Prior software experience is not required, but a strong interest in learning it is a must. The tech stack for this role includes Python, Scipy, Ax, CausalML, AWS, Ray, and Spark.

Who will the Full Stack Data Scientist work alongside with at Klaivyo?

The Full Stack Data Scientist will work alongside software engineers, product managers, and designers to deliver an intuitive and robust experimentation suite for Klaivyo's users.

What will be the main responsibilities of the Full Stack Data Scientist at Klaivyo?

The Full Stack Data Scientist will be deeply involved in technical discussions on building actionable experimentation features, learn software engineering skills to productionalize data science features, have ownership of projects contributing to the team's mission, goals, and roadmap, and collaborate with technical product owners and product managers.

What is the tech stack that the Full Stack Data Scientist will work with at Klaivyo?

The tech stack includes Python, Scipy, Ax (BoTorch, GPyTorch), CausalML, AWS, Ray, and Spark.

Klaviyo is a unified customer platform for email, SMS, and more. Own your consumer data and interactions. #Klaviyo

Marketing & Advertising
Founded Year

Mission & Purpose

Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform that specializes in email and SMS marketing for e-commerce businesses. Their ultimate mission is to help businesses of all sizes grow by enabling them to create personalised and targeted marketing campaigns, build stronger customer relationships, and drive sales. Klaviyo's purpose is to empower e-commerce brands with the tools and insights they need to thrive in the digital marketplace, providing them with the means to deliver relevant and engaging marketing messages to their customers and drive business success.

Culture & Values

  • Customer first

    We always put our customers first. Klaviyos start with the customer and work backward. We create products that solve legitimate customer problems, always doing what's best for our customers and their customers. We work hard to earn and keep each customer's trust through products and experiences that improve their lives and speed up their paths to success.

  • Always learning

    We are always learning. “We surround ourselves with people that are intensely curious and energized by learning. I know many Klaviyos who have attended Udemy courses, coding academies, conferences, and university classes to better themselves and I know others that have independently launched internal trainings and mentoring programs to help teach others. It helps that we have a free book policy and generous learning stipend but what makes Klaviyo really special is the culture of putting this into action.” - Mike Parker, Sr. Director, Solution Architecture Klaviyos have a constant desire to learn and a powerful drive to “figure things out.” We’re high-slope and have a relentless curiosity that allows us to uncover and solve the world’s hardest problems. As individuals, we’re knowledgeable about many things, not just one. And when we don’t know something, we’re expected to learn and become an expert for others.

  • Equitable world

    We strive to make the world more equitable. “Klaviyos come from all over the world, and have all kinds of backgrounds. We have a number of employee-organized groups called KRGs that celebrate our different backgrounds, identities, and values. Because wherever you're from, you belong here.” - Hansen Liang, Senior Product Manager Klaviyos believe that everyone deserves a fair shot at success. We treat people both inside and outside of Klaviyo with equity, respect, honesty, and kindness. We strive to build a diverse company, and prioritize the inclusion of varied opinions and experiences throughout Klaviyo. We aren't afraid to speak out when we see injustice. We create products and programs that can provide everyone, everywhere with tools for ownership and success.

  • Collaborate radically

    We collaborate radically. Klaviyos are what we create together. We are humble, transparent, and on a lifelong journey to become better humans together. We express strong opinions with kindness and proactively seek feedback. We listen, share, encourage, and trust each other. We’re quick to admit when we’re wrong, and even quicker to help one another win. No task is below us—we’re as willing to ship packages as we are to set strategy. Our strict “no brilliant jerks” policy helps us recruit, hire, and retain exceptional collaborators.

  • Ambitious

    We are ambitious. “Klaviyos dream big and are passionate. We don't back down from challenging problems. We don't fear failing. We strive to succeed and build success for those around us. We don't limit our thinking to "what we've always done." We are builders and we create opportunities.” - Daniel Kezerashvili, Engineer Manager II Klaviyos don't limit themselves to the tools and solutions of today. We dream big and aim to solve the hardest of problems, problems that pull future technology into today. All of us are inventors and entrepreneurs, and together we create the best solutions for customers, even when that means tackling tough obstacles. Experimentation, failure, fast iteration, and big wins are all valued equally in our culture of problem-solving.

  • Remarkable

    We are remarkable. “I am always impressed by the unique skills and talents held by people at Klaviyo and the drive Klaviyos possess to go above and beyond. By bringing their best to work everyday in meaningful and noticeable ways, Klaviyos inspire others to do the same.” - Evan Eisert, Group Product Manager Klaviyos deliver work that is deemed “remarkable” by our peers, our customers, and the market. We start by focusing on quality of work, then learn how to do it faster, frugally, and more efficiently. We are meticulous in each action we take as individuals and as teams. We are rigorous, prepared, and high-performance. We know the “why” behind each problem and goal, and we stay close to the decisions we make to ensure the most remarkable outcome.