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Graduate AI Engineer

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  • IT & Cybersecurity
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  • A 1st / 2:1 undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the Computer Science field
  • A graduate with industrial placement would be highly desirable
  • A strong desire to build your career as an AI Engineer within an Artificial Intelligence team
  • A comprehensive understanding of the current LLM landscape, both open source and proprietary
  • Strong conventional machine learning skills using Python and associated ML/AI Python libraries
  • An interest in language model training, tuning, and optimization
  • Experience in using Jupyter notebooks for development and testing
  • A keen interest in continuous improvement for AI solution quality assessment and benchmarking


  • Build pipelines and support typical AI components i.e. Text-to-Text, Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech, Image-to-Text etc.
  • Build Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) implementations against documents, website, SQL and API services
  • Innovate and experiment with new emerging AI tools
  • Implement and maintain ML / AI Ops systems
  • Work together with developers to support AI / ML implementations within software projects
  • Deliver solutions whist being aware of internal data boundary controls in AI services
  • Encourage, be open to and adhere to compliance, risk management and security considerations in relation to AI services

We believe that everyone should expect more from the pensions industry

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XPS Pensions Group is a consulting and actuarial services company that specializes in providing pension advice and solutions to both corporate clients and pension scheme trustees. They offer a range of services, including actuarial consulting, pension administration, investment consulting, and pension scheme management. XPS Pensions Group's ultimate mission is to help their clients navigate the complexities of the pension landscape and ensure the security and sustainability of pension schemes. Their purpose is to provide expert guidance and tailored solutions to effectively manage pension obligations, optimise pension scheme performance, and mitigate risks associated with pension liabilities. XPS Pensions Group aims to empower their clients with the knowledge and support needed to make informed decisions about their pension arrangements, ultimately ensuring the financial well-being of pension scheme members and the organisations they serve.