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24d ago

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    Entry Level
  • Engineering
  • Newcastle

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  • You must hold a BSc/MSc GMIstructE, have consulting engineering knowledge, work to deadlines/budgets, think methodically, possess strong communication/IT skills, and be aware of legislation.
  • You will be responsible for preparing reports, calculations, and designs, providing technical advice, obtaining approvals, managing projects, and ensuring legal compliance for construction projects. Maintaining client relationships and assessing environmental impacts are also key tasks.


  • Must hold a BSc (Hons) and/or MSc (Hons) GMIstructE
  • Experience and working knowledge of consulting engineering, surveying, architectural & planning practices and procedures supported by an awareness of the latest statutory requirements, technical publications and guidelines.
  • Experience in working to deadlines and within budgets
  • Sound mathematical, scientific and IT skills
  • The ability to think methodically to problem solve and manage projects
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of relevant legislation


  • Preparation of reports, calculations, design and preparation of drawings
  • Provide technical advice to clients
  • Obtaining planning and/or building regulations approval
  • Monitoring and inspecting work undertaken by contractors
  • Liaising with other professionals such as architects
  • Maintaining client relationships by providing excellent customer service and managing expectations
  • Administering contracts and managing projects
  • Inspection and surveys of client properties and sites.
  • Ensuring that all projects comply with legal requirements including CDM2015, Part wall, Listed buildings
  • Assessment of sustainability and environmental impact of projects
  • At all times to comply with the requirements of the Company’s administrative, personnel procedures and Health & Safety regulations


What are the main responsibilities of a Graduate Structural Engineer +2 at Gateley Smithers Purslow?

The main responsibilities include handling projects within own level of authority, providing support to the Engineering Line Manager, showing ambition, drive and passion for customer service, and delivering the company's values.

What skills are essential for a successful candidate in this role?

Essential skills include a professional manner, good interpersonal communication skills, ambition, drive, and passion for customer service.

What opportunities for growth and development are available for a Graduate Structural Engineer +2 at Gateley Smithers Purslow?

There are opportunities to progress within the company, gain further experience in structural engineering, and develop skills in project management and client relationships.

What is the work environment like for a Graduate Structural Engineer +2 at Gateley Smithers Purslow?

The work environment is busy and varied, with opportunities to work on a wide range of projects and learn from experienced engineers. Collaboration and teamwork are key aspects of the work environment.

How does Gateley Smithers Purslow support the professional development of their Graduate Structural Engineers +2?

Gateley Smithers Purslow provides mentoring, training opportunities, and support for professional qualifications to help Graduate Structural Engineers +2 advance in their careers.

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