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Graduate Software Engineer - KV Engine



17d ago

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    Entry Level / Graduate
  • Software Engineering
  • London
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AI generated summary

  • You need a strong grasp of programming languages like C, Golang or Java, understanding of computer architecture, eagerness to learn, UK work authorization, and preferably first-class Computer Science degree with C++ experience. Familiarity with performance profiling, assembler level debugging, build systems and presence on github are advantageous.
  • You will contribute code, resolve issues, investigate customer problems, and participate in discussions to improve performance within the KV Engine team at Couchbase.


  • Proficient in at least one programming language, such as C, Golang, or Java
  • Good understanding of computer architecture and low-level operating system features, e.g. multithreading, memory consistency models, virtual-memory etc.
  • Enthusiastic and inquisitive, with a constant willingness to learn.
  • The successful candidate must, by the commencement of employment, have the right to work in the UK.
  • Preferred:
  • First Class graduate in Computer Science or closely related STEM discipline.
  • Experienced in modern C++ code development.
  • Familiarity with performance profiling and low-level debugging, such as reading assembler.
  • Used build systems like CMake and Continuous Integration workflows.
  • Presence on github, gitlab or similar.


  • The role involves working in the team and collaborating with other Couchbase teams by:
  • Contributing code and participating in code reviews.
  • Resolving issues raised by the Quality Engineering team.
  • Investigating issues raised by the Customer Support team.
  • Participating in technical discussions and bringing ideas on improving the performance and capabilities of the component.


What programming languages will I be working with in this role?

In this role, you will primarily be working with modern C++ within the open source codebase of the KV Engine component of Couchbase Server.

How many operations per second does the KV Engine component process?

The KV Engine component can process millions of operations per second in a distributed manner.

Where is the codebase of the KV Engine component located?

The codebase of the KV Engine component is open source and available on github.

How often will I be required to work in the Couchbase Manchester office?

As a Graduate Software Engineer working on the KV Engine component, you will be required to work in the Couchbase Manchester office at least 3+ days a week.

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