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AI generated summary

  • You must have 12+ years of Java development experience, proficiency in Spring Framework, hands-on experience with microservices and relational databases, DevOps tools knowledge, Agile methodology expertise, front-end tech familiarity, and exposure to Kafka, HLD/LLD, security, scalability, and design patterns.
  • You will create and implement architecture for products & services, develop innovative solutions, collaborate with teams, build relationships, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


  • 12+ years of experience in design, build and implementation of enterprise applications.
  • Proficient in Java (version 8 and above), Spring Framework (6.x good to have), Spring Boot (2.7, 3.x), ORM (Hibernate, JPA).
  • Hands-on project experience in design, development, and deployment of micro services. Familiar with Open API Specification/Swagger for API design.
  • Hands on experience in developing microservices for containerized platform (docker and Kubernetes)
  • Hands on experience with relational databases (Oracle, SQL, Postgres) in data model design, implementation, and performance tuning
  • DevOps - Git, Sonar, Jenkins, Monitoring tools (Splunk, Datadog, AWS Cloud Watch, AWS code pipeline etc.)
  • Proficiency with Agile Scrum delivery methodology
  • Understanding of the Front-end technologies - micro front, React, React libraries, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Proficiency working with Apache Kafka.
  • Familiarity with Spring Web Flux.
  • Exposure to HLD and LLD.
  • Exposure to HLD and LLD.
  • Understanding Pros and Cons of Microservices and Monolithic applications.
  • Exposure to Application Security and Data security.
  • Exposure to High Availability, Scalability and Fault Tolerance.
  • SOLID design principles and design patterns understanding and apply same in the application design.
  • Working knowledge of ECS Fargate.
  • Junit5 and Mockito knowledge.
  • Nice to have:
  • No-SQL database experience is good to have - DynamoDB, MongoDB, Cassandra etc.
  • Experienced with AWS cloud technologies. AWS Developer or Solution Architect certification preferred.
  • Familiarity with Web Client and HTTP Interface is good to have.
  • Experience with Terraform.
  • Exposure for Code Review and following Best Review practices.
  • Exposure to Confluence is good to have.
  • Database schema design for SQL and NoSQL DB is good to have.
  • Understanding of Spring Web flux is good to have.
  • Exposure to Automation Testing is good to have.


  • Create Current state and Target state Architecture for Products & Services based on Domain Driven Design and JPMC Product Architecture standards.
  • Create Solution Architecture artifacts for Products & Services based on the business concept, goals, objectives while adhering to all regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Build innovative solutions that can help solve business and technical challenges.
  • Foster an environment of collaboration & shared success.
  • Develop a rolling multi-year roadmap aligned to Product strategy and priorities.
  • Build deep & trusted relationships with the dev teams and Product partners.
  • Proactive adoption of innovative technologies to enable rapid delivery.
  • Ensure architecture design decisions can be actioned by dev teams.


What are the required qualifications for a Java Architect role?

The required qualifications for a Java Architect role include 12+ years of experience in enterprise application design, proficiency in Java, Spring Framework, ORM, and microservices development. Additionally, experience with DevOps tools, Agile Scrum methodology, front-end technologies, and Apache Kafka is essential.

What are some nice-to-have qualifications for a Java Architect role?

Nice-to-have qualifications for a Java Architect role include experience with No-SQL databases, AWS cloud technologies, Terraform, code review practices, Confluence, database schema design, Spring Web Flux, and automation testing.

What responsibilities does a Java Architect have in this role?

A Java Architect is responsible for creating current and target state architecture for products and services, developing solution architecture artifacts, building innovative solutions, collaborating with teams, creating a multi-year roadmap, fostering relationships with teams and partners, adopting new technologies, and ensuring architecture decisions can be implemented by development teams.


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