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Junior Energy System Modeller (18 months Fixed Term Contract)

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  • You need a strong academic background in economics, knowledge of energy markets, experience with modelling languages like GAMS, and programming skills in R or Python. Effective collaboration, curiosity, and exceptional communication skills are essential. Meeting deadlines and fluency in English are must-haves. Additional languages and familiarity with other tools are a plus.
  • You will analyze and solve energy system problems, communicate findings, manage time effectively, work in a team, build client relationships, and represent the firm.


  • Have obtained a minimum 2:1 (B+ or equivalent) bachelor's and preferably a Masters, in economics or equivalent subject
  • Strong interest and understanding of energy markets and the underlying economics
  • Experience with optimisation problems and algebraic modelling languages (e.g. GAMS)
  • Have good skills in R or Python. Familiarity with other tools such as Git/GitHub, Python, STATA, Mathematica/Matlab and PowerBI would also be desirable
  • Be an effective collaborator
  • Be intellectually curious and willing to learn new techniques and apply them to novel problems.
  • Have exceptional communication skills (feedback skills, communicating under pressure and taking the lead where needed)
  • Have an ability to meet deadlines
  • Have a proven interest in learning about economics, especially those topics at the intersection of energy modelling and economics such as market design and consumer behaviour
  • Have a fluency in English (a second language is also desirable, but not essential)


  • Analysis and Problem Solving: Developing your technical and modelling skills and working closely with Frontier economic analysts and consultants to develop new functionalities or enhance existing models in our portfolio of energy market models
  • Communication: Providing clear explanations of your technical work, your conclusions and how they were reached.
  • Work management: Structuring and managing time to deliver consistently good work under conflicting challenges
  • Team working: Collaborating and providing support as part of a small, busy international team and developing your knowledge to help across wider teams of economists
  • Client relationships: Building regular contact through day-to- day project interactions and tailoring outputs to different clients
  • Frontier Ambassador: Contributing to the life of the firm beyond project work through Frontier values: Open, Interesting, Profitable and Fun
  • Throughout the fixed term contract you’ll be supported by an experienced mentor and your graduate ‘buddy’.


What qualifications are required for the Junior Energy System Modeller position?

To be considered for the Junior Energy System Modeller position, you should have obtained a minimum 2:1 bachelor's degree, preferably a Masters, in economics or a related subject. You should also have a strong interest and understanding of energy markets and economics.

What technical skills are necessary for this role?

The ideal candidate should have experience with optimisation problems and algebraic modelling languages like GAMS. They should also have good skills in R or Python, and familiarity with tools such as Git/GitHub, STATA, Mathematica/Matlab, and PowerBI would be desirable.

How important is communication in this role?

Communication is crucial in the Junior Energy System Modeller role. The candidate should have exceptional communication skills, be able to provide clear explanations of technical work, and tailor outputs to different clients. Effective collaboration and the ability to communicate under pressure are also essential.

Is fluency in English required for this position?

Yes, fluency in English is required for the Junior Energy System Modeller role. Proficiency in a second language is desirable but not essential.

What support can I expect during the fixed-term contract?

Throughout the fixed-term contract, you will be supported by an experienced mentor and a graduate 'buddy.' They will help you navigate challenges, develop new skills, and integrate smoothly into the team.


Mission & Purpose

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