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Management Consulting Analyst 1, Entry Level

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  • You need strong analytical skills, experience with analyzing large data sets, knowledge of local government structure and funding, proficiency in Microsoft Office Excel, excellent communication skills, willingness to travel, and traits like intellectual curiosity and a desire to please clients.
  • You will analyze data, create visualizations, and assist in developing financial models for client projects. Support teams in client meetings, prepare reports, and meet performance goals.

Graduate Job

Business, Operations & StrategyTampa


  • This position is an external client facing position with our Management Consulting Team.
  • As an Analyst I within the Management Consulting Team, you will be supporting asset, organizational, financial, infrastructure funding, economic, and technology consulting services to local governments and utilities in North America.


  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Experience working with and analyzing large data sets and willingness to spend large amounts of time working with data as well as performing research.
  • Working knowledge of and interest in local government organizational structure, budgeting / reporting, funding programs, and types of services they provide.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Excel including quantitative modeling and analysis required.
  • Proficiency with PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat Pro and other business systems required.
  • Experience with additional data analysis tools is a plus, including but not limited to Access, Power BI/Tableau, GIS, SQL, Python, R, etc.
  • Excellent written and oral communication and presentation skills.
  • Capable of presenting/sharing analyses in an interactive work setting while being able to make adjustments in a live setting.
  • Self-starter capable of efficiently and proactively working independently as well as with a geographically dispersed team.
  • Strong sense of Team. Always willing to step in and take on additional responsibility for the good of the entire Team.
  • Strong attention to details as deliverables are open to public review and scrutiny.
  • Willing to travel as needed. In the first year, travel may be up to 20%. As you develop your skills for success and become a crucial part of the project team, travel requirements may increase.
  • Requires a satisfactory driving record.
  • Traits and Attributes of Top Performers:
  • Intellectual curiosity: Top performers are driven to ask why things work or don’t work currently and how we might address this—even if, or especially if, this thinking falls outside of conventional wisdom. We need bold thinkers willing to challenge assumptions and develop new solutions.
  • Lifelong learners: This field provides ample opportunities to develop new skills and tools, and to combine left and right brain thinking to combine math, modeling, and an understanding of public perception to solve complex problems. There are little to no “routine” answers. The most successful candidates have a genuine desire to continually learn to solve our clients’ problems and improve the communities we serve.
  • Analytical problem solvers: Top performers understand (or are capable of quickly learning) how different factors, variables, and policies result in corresponding financial impacts. They understand how to make appropriate simplifying assumptions and how to model complex systems accurately.
  • Collaboration and co-creation: Successful candidates will have the ability to work effectively with individuals of diverse cultures, disciplines and abilities in a cooperative and generative manner, to achieve a common goal.
  • Creativity and adaptability: Top performers will have the ability to think about a task or a problem in a new or different way, to create strategies for disruption, breakthrough, and transformation.
  • Strategic and systematic thinking: Top performers will be able to synthesize different sides of an issue by examining a range of options and outcomes, considering the interconnectedness of elements as parts of a whole system, and building intellectual frameworks to guide decisions, solve problems, support innovation, and inform analysis and action.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset: Strong candidates will both seek and thrive on all opportunities and risks; Top performers will leverage tenacity and optimism to innovate, effect change, break orthodoxies and create new value for clients.
  • Sincere desire to please our clients: Top performers seem to have an innate drive, beyond personal gain, for ensuring that our clients are pleased with our performance and our deliverables, and they realize that providing rigorous, error-free, and unbiased advisory services is a critical step in ensuring the client’s long-term sustainability. Top performers draw on this deeper motivation, as it takes time and effort to drive change with our clients.
  • Education and Experience:
  • Four-year Degree in business, mathematics, finance, economics, statistics, data science, engineering, accounting, or related fields are required.
  • Interest in local government services, infrastructure funding programs, economic and fiscal impact analysis, and utility consulting.

Education requirements


Area of Responsibilities

Business, Operations & Strategy


  • Analyze and structure large data sets and summarize information
  • Use graphs and other tools to visualize data and analytical results
  • Perform industry research and develop summary materials
  • Assist in developing quantitative financial and economic models to support client business challenges across multiple industries for a variety of complex issues.
  • Serve as a supporting member of multiple teams at client meetings, performing tasks such as interactive use of analytical models and facilitating workshops.
  • Assist in evaluating client-specific situations and requirements, working dynamically with project teams to prepare solutions to complex business, strategic, infrastructure, and operational issues.
  • Assist the project team in interactive meetings with clients to identify and analyze issues affecting their organizations and key stakeholders.
  • Use technical writing skills to prepare content for reports
  • Meet performance goals and objectives as assigned, with respect to client-specific demands, stated delivery milestones, and training.


Work type

Full time

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