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  • You must be highly ambitious, driven, and forward-thinking with a relentless desire to excel. Have exceptional communication skills, work ethic, and ability to prioritize effectively. UK work permit is essential. Join us at HRtechX and lead our team to success.
  • You will lead teams to innovate products, inspire excellence, expand global presence, drive synergies, and relentlessly pursue big dreams.


  • We are looking for experienced business managers to help us reach our objectives. Industry experience is not a requirement, but you do need to be highly ambitious, forward-thinking and driven to inspire and lead our team. Furthermore, having a UK work permit is also a requirement.
  • Furthermore, we are looking for candidates who:
  • Have a relentless drive and desire to be the very best at what they do;
  • Possess and unparalleled work ethic with a high sense of urgency;
  • Take ownership of everything they do, are proactive and follow through on commitments;
  • Are curious about people and love to speak, build and nurture relations;
  • Are an excellent communicator (especially) verbally and in writing;
  • Are well-organised and display the ability to structure and prioritise their work


  • Responsibilities in this job will be defined as we work together throughout the recruitment process however, they will be mostly centred around:
  • Thinking progressively about how we can deliver on our core mission through different products.
  • Inspiring, leading and developing A+ teams to reach their full potential and deliver 7-star experiences to our network.
  • Strengthening our brand in the global market.
  • Identifying and driving synergies across business functions.
  • To dream big and pursue it relentlessly!


What qualifications are required for the role of Managing Director?

We are looking for highly ambitious and driven individuals with experience in business management. Industry experience is not a requirement, but candidates must have a relentless drive to be the best, excellent communication skills, and a proactive work ethic.

What are the key responsibilities of the Managing Director?

The responsibilities of the Managing Director include thinking innovatively about delivering on our core mission, leading and developing high-performing teams, strengthening our brand in the global market, driving synergies across business functions, and pursuing big dreams relentlessly.

Will I have the opportunity for travel in this role?

Yes, as a Managing Director, you will have the opportunity to travel to conferences overseas. This provides a chance to network, gain new insights, and contribute to the growth and development of the company.

Is a UK work permit a requirement for this role?

Yes, candidates must have a UK work permit to be eligible for the position of Managing Director. This is a requirement to ensure eligibility to work in London, where the headquarters is located.

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