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Marketing Copywriter II

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    Mid Level
  • Marketing
  • $62.7K - $76.8K
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AI generated summary

  • You need 3+ years of marketing copywriting experience, automotive/B2B content knowledge, strong writing skills, AI tool familiarity, passion for our company, attention to detail, critical thinking, patience with feedback.
  • You will create engaging marketing content to support retailer strategies, collaborate with teams, meet deadlines, and drive adoption of Cars Commerce solutions through compelling storytelling and expert knowledge.


  • 3+ years of copywriting experience for marketing. Experience in automotive and/or B2B content marketing preferred.
  • Strong writing skills to create succinct and impactful content that motivates customers and prospects to take action.
  • Familiarity with generative AI toolsets designed to enhance the content creation process, demonstrating a capability to leverage cutting-edge technology for improved efficiency and creativity.
  • Genuine passion for our company, products, and customers that inspires employees about our work and future.
  • Obsessive attention to detail to ensure that every word / message best represents our brands and solutions.
  • Excellent critical thinking, communication, and analytics skills.
  • Patience and courtesy in both accepting and delivering feedback from stakeholders and teammates.


  • Translate briefs detailing retailer strategies into educational and marketing content that drives engagement, adoption, and retention of our solutions.
  • Maintain a tone and depth of content that positions Cars Commerce and its solutions as true partners to retailers, constantly and proactively looking for new ways to help drive their business.
  • Work collaboratively across the Marketing organization to create blogs, emails, videos, presentations, sales materials, and more that bring dealer strategies to life within brand standards / quality.
  • Adhere to content calendar deadlines to ensure timely completion of tasks while maintaining flexibility to adapt to changing priorities.
  • Work with Product Marketing and Sales Enablement to identify key data points, case studies, and success stories of strategies working to build peer confidence in adopting Cars Commerce solutions.
  • Build and maintain subject matter expertise for all Cars Commerce services and solutions, from market positioning to technical functionality.


What are the main responsibilities of a Marketing Copywriter II?

The main responsibilities of a Marketing Copywriter II include translating retailer strategies into engaging content, maintaining a tone that positions Cars Commerce as a valuable partner to retailers, collaborating across the Marketing organization to create various types of content, meeting content calendar deadlines, identifying key data points and success stories, and building subject matter expertise on Cars Commerce services and solutions.

What skills and experience are required for a Marketing Copywriter II?

A Marketing Copywriter II should have at least 3 years of copywriting experience in marketing, with preference for experience in automotive or B2B content marketing. They should have strong writing skills, familiarity with generative AI toolsets, passion for the company and products, attention to detail, critical thinking and communication skills, and the ability to handle feedback professionally.

How does a Marketing Copywriter II work with other teams within the company?

A Marketing Copywriter II collaborates with the Marketing organization, Product Marketing, and Sales Enablement teams to create various types of content that support retailer strategies and promote adoption of Cars Commerce solutions. They work closely with stakeholders and teammates to ensure that all content aligns with brand standards and meets the needs of customers and prospects.

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Cars Commerce is an audience-driven technology company empowering automotive that simplifies everything about buying and selling cars. The Cars Commerce platform includes the flagship automotive marketplace and dealer reputation site Cars.com, innovative digital marketing technology and services from Dealer Inspire, industry-leading trade-in and appraisal technology from AccuTrade, an exclusive in-market media network, and powerful and predictive AI technologies that enable more efficient and profitable retail operations. Cars Commerce is the essential partner to stay one step ahead in automotive.