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  • You must have STEM education or equivalent experience, hands-on design skills, programming knowledge, machining experience, and be self-motivated. Exposure to Hall Effect Thrusters, programming languages, environmental testing, aerospace lubricants, high-pressure systems, and LABVIEW is a plus.
  • You will work with a team to design, refine, test, and build flight hardware, thinking creatively and strategically to improve systems and products for our innovative space company.

Graduate Job



  • As a Mechanical Engineering Intern, you will help assemble, integrate, and test our spacecraft engine! You will work with multi-disciplinary teams and leaders to design and run tests to ensure the delivery of our high-quality products to the customer. You will also contribute to the development of novel capabilities within our space products.


  • Working toward an MS, BS, or have equivalent experience in any STEM field
  • Hands-on experience in the design of complex systems
  • Exposure or experience in programming C/C++/Python and/or MATLAB
  • Exposure to experience with traditional machining methods
  • Experience working in a self-motivated environment
  • Desired Multipliers:
  • Exposure to Hall Effect Thrusters
  • Exposure or experience with documentation
  • Exposure to experience with environmental testing
  • Exposure or experience with aerospace-grade lubricants
  • Exposure or experience high-pressure fluid systems
  • Exposure or experience in programming in LABVIEW

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  • Partner: Work with a cross-disciplinary team of system owners including electrical, mechanical, controls, and software engineers to design and refine flight hardware.
  • Build: Take ownership of everything you design from conception, test, and build.
  • Impress: Don't be afraid to think outside the box. Astra is doing something that no other space company has, and we are always open to new and creative ideas.
  • Strategize: Be prepared to look down the development path to help design products that can grow/evolve with the launch vehicle.
  • Up-level: Always be aware of the systems that you interact with and have the desire to help improve them.


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