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  • You must have empathy, enthusiasm, and share our values to excel as a Paralegal at this renowned firm. Your tenacity, compassion, and integrity are key.
  • You will assist clients with legal advice, obtain evidence, support litigation, meet time recording targets, attend meetings, stay updated on legal changes.


  • Empathy and compassion to help guide our clients through challenging personal circumstances
  • A friendly, enthusiastic, and can-do approach
  • Enthusiasm in building a career as a Paralegal
  • We’re proud of our values, and we’re looking for people who share them:
  • To be pioneering with an imaginative outlook
  • To be approachable and caring
  • To be tenacious in the pursuit of our objectives
  • To be efficient in the provision of our services
  • To work with a foundation of integrity.


  • Taking instructions from clients and assist with the giving of legal advice, including obtaining evidence and, where appropriate, assist with litigation, to achieve appropriate resolutions for the clients.
  • Achieve time recording and fee income targets to ensure profitable working.
  • Support more senior case handlers generally in the running of the cases.
  • Attend and contribute to team/practice area meetings and comply with directions/decisions made to ensure team objectives achieved.
  • Keep up to date with changes in relevant law and practice and attend appropriate training events to ensure up to date legal knowledge and best practice.


What type of cases will I be handling as a Paralegal in the medical negligence team?

As a Paralegal in the medical negligence team, you will be handling a variety of medical negligence claims, including birth injury claims, spinal injury claims, surgical claims, orthopaedic claims, fatal accident claims, delay in diagnosis or treatment, and incorrect or inappropriate treatment cases.

What qualities are important for a Paralegal in this role?

Important qualities for a Paralegal in this role include empathy and compassion to guide clients through challenging circumstances, a friendly and can-do approach, and enthusiasm for building a career as a Paralegal.

What are the values that the firm is looking for in potential candidates?

The firm is looking for candidates who align with their values of being pioneering with an imaginative outlook, approachable and caring, tenacious in pursuing objectives, efficient in service provision, and working with integrity.

What benefits are offered to employees in this role?

Benefits offered to employees in this role include 25 days holidays plus bank holidays, option to buy extra holiday, generous pension schemes, volunteering days, and Westfield Health membership with refunds on medical services and Aviva Digital GP services.

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Irwin Mitchell is a company that operates in the legal and professional services sector, offering a wide range of legal solutions to individuals, businesses, and organisations. Their ultimate goal is to provide expert legal advice and support, helping clients navigate legal challenges, protect their rights, and achieve favourable outcomes. Irwin Mitchell's purpose revolves around delivering accessible and tailored legal services, advocating for justice and fairness, and empowering clients with the legal tools and resources needed to address their legal needs effectively. Through their expertise, they aim to make the legal system more understandable and accessible, ensuring that individuals and businesses can effectively protect their interests and rights.