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  • Job
    Senior Level
  • Data
    Software Engineering
  • $155K - $195K


  • 5+ years experience in program/project management building technology products and/or systems
  • Familiarity with the AI/ML lifecycle
  • Good conceptual understanding of how Large Language Models work, challenges that arise from their use in certain contexts, and prompt engineering
  • Strong time management and prioritization capabilities, efficiently allocating time and resources to achieve objectives; demonstrates the ability to balance multiple tasks and responsibilities while ensuring high-quality outputs
  • Demonstrated ability to work through ambiguity to detailed solutions; self-motivated, proactive and proven ability to adapt well and work with teams having different operating cadences
  • Sound business judgment, a proven ability to influence others, strong analytical skills, and a track record of taking ownership, leading data driven analyses, and influencing results
  • Experience developing processes where little exists, and demonstrated flexibility to get things done
  • Detail-oriented and able to understand the bigger picture by using your technical and privacy expertise, as well as problem solving abilities to prioritize and manage blocking issues
  • Experience working in a highly cross-functional environment (Eng, PM, DS, Analytics, Design, Ops, Legal, Infra, etc.) where communication with and the ability to influence multiple groups and executive teams is imperative
  • Ability to ramp up quickly and learn new technologies and correctly apply the knowledge in the context of regulatory requirements with minimal lag time
  • Excellent written and oral business communication and people skills, with the ability to influence diverse stakeholders at all levels
  • Multiple years of experience working with teams that drive technology changes, or programs which cover both online and offline data systems operating at scale, focusing on privacy, regulatory compliance and governance
  • Working knowledge of common privacy processes and deliverables such as privacy impact assessments, records of processing, etc; hands-on experience applying privacy frameworks and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of major regulations such as GDPR and CCPA
  • Bonus Points:
  • 7+ years experience in privacy, trust & safety, compliance, security operations and/or program management, preferably in a global B2C technology company
  • Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP), Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM), or equivalent professional certification is not required, but preferred ML certification from an accredited organization
  • BA/BS or advanced degree in engineering, computer science, mathematics, statistics, physics or related field
  • Has working knowledge of programming languages used in AI, such as R and/or Python


  • Drive execution on large horizontal/cross-company data privacy and responsible AI/ML initiatives/programs to ensure compliance with internal and external privacy and AI/ML related policies and regulatory requirements
  • Develop a portfolio view of the privacy and responsible AI initiatives impacting technology at Airbnb; review, document and advise on privacy issues related to the company's AI infrastructure
  • Drive adoption of privacy, fairness and other responsible AI technologies to empower product/business teams to effectively ingest, store, process, transform, analyze, and curate personal data
  • Work with AI/ML teams and other stakeholders to align on dependencies and associated risks, which could impact the compliant and trustworthy adoption of AI/ML and other advanced technologies by Airbnb
  • Develop metrics to measure the success of our initiatives and products in relation to overall privacy and responsible AI/ML goals and initiatives
  • Build relationships across various Airbnb stakeholder groups and facilitate communication between cross-functional teams to ensure our AI/ML tooling, policies and processes are driving privacy and trustworthy improvements
  • Be a driver, evangelist, problem-solver, and leader who helps the Airbnb engineering and operations team gather and use personal data while maintaining strong privacy and responsible AI commitments towards our community
  • Dive deep into areas at risk, or in need of more hands-on program/technical project management to unblock and ensure successful outcome.


What are the main responsibilities of a Privacy Architect at Airbnb?

The main responsibilities of a Privacy Architect at Airbnb include identifying and addressing privacy risks related to AI/ML, supporting regulatory compliance efforts, leading projects to embed privacy policies into products and operations, collaborating with cross-functional teams, implementing Privacy by Design principles, and providing guidance on privacy risks involving technical elements.

With whom does a Privacy Architect collaborate at Airbnb?

A Privacy Architect collaborates with stakeholders from Legal, Data Science, Data Governance, InfoSec, and product teams at Airbnb. They also work closely with data scientists, engineers, program managers, and other privacy leads within the organization.

How does a Privacy Architect contribute to addressing privacy concerns in AI and ML at Airbnb?

A Privacy Architect contributes to addressing privacy concerns in AI and ML at Airbnb by developing comprehensive plans and approaches to effectively manage personal data, implementing privacy by design principles, identifying policy and technological approaches, providing insights to shape privacy strategies, and coaching and collaborating with technical teams to mitigate privacy risks.

What are some key skills required for a Privacy Architect role at Airbnb?

Some key skills required for a Privacy Architect role at Airbnb include expertise in privacy regulations and standards, experience in addressing privacy risks in AI and ML, knowledge of data governance and security, strong collaboration and communication skills, the ability to work cross-functionally, and proficiency in privacy enhancing technologies such as cryptography and anonymization techniques.

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