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  • You must have expert product management skills, market analysis understanding, technology proficiency, and strong collaboration abilities to excel in this role.
  • You will lead customer interactions, analyze data, support go-to-market strategies, solve customer issues, shape product vision, consider technical approaches, develop personal capabilities, and drive collaboration and teamwork.


  • Possess exceptional and invaluable product management expertise honed through extensive practical experience.
  • Be recognized as a full owner of a product or multiple features.
  • Be able to lead and release changes that improve customer satisfaction and commercial impact.
  • Understand market analysis to drive product direction and strategy.
  • Be proficient in technologies such as Excel, Balsamiq, Tableau, Python, and SQL.
  • Possess exceptional problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Communicate effectively and collaborate seamlessly within cross-functional teams.


  • Leading customer interactions and generating requirements to anticipate and prioritize customer needs.
  • Gathering and analyzing data to drive data-driven decision-making and evaluate product hypotheses.
  • Supporting go-to-market strategies, assisting in launch plans, and providing product marketing support.
  • Solving customer issues, managing product lifecycle, and shaping strategic product vision and priorities.
  • Considering high-level technical approaches, demonstrating proficiency in various technologies, and understanding technical architecture principles.
  • Developing personal capabilities, solving problems, innovating, and communicating effectively within the team.
  • Encouraging collaboration and teamwork, building relationships, developing others, and driving for results.


What is the main objective of Lexis Create as a leading document drafting solution?

The main objective of Lexis Create is to revolutionize the legal industry by providing innovative and user-friendly products that empower legal professionals with cutting-edge technology to streamline document creation and enhance productivity.

What are the responsibilities of a Product Manager at Lexis Create?

The Product Manager at Lexis Create is responsible for leading the development of key features, proposing innovative ideas based on customer insights, collaborating with cross-functional teams, developing comprehensive product development plans, prioritizing production issues and defects, and showcasing product capabilities through demos and presentations to key stakeholders.

How does a Product Manager at Lexis Create contribute to the success of the product?

A Product Manager at Lexis Create contributes to the success of the product by understanding customers' needs and pain points, proposing innovative feature ideas that deliver exceptional value, prioritizing and communicating production issues for timely resolution, and showcasing product capabilities to key stakeholders.

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