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Sep 1

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  • The ideal candidate must possess strong problem-solving abilities, a curious and inquisitive mindset, programming skills, and effective communication skills, and be open-minded. Fluency in English is also required.
  • The Quantitative Researcher in London will collaborate with engineers and traders to identify market signals, analyze datasets, build and test models, create strategies, and implement them through coding, while embracing ambiguity and fostering diverse problem-solving approaches.

Graduate Job

Research & Development, Banking & FinanceLondon


  • We are looking for Quantitative Researchers to help us build models, strategies, and systems that price and trade a variety of financial instruments. Our proprietary trading models help us identify profitable opportunities and decide whether to execute trades on thousands of financial products each day across 200 trading venues around the world.


  • We don’t expect you to have a background in finance or any other specific field—we’re looking for smart people who enjoy solving interesting problems. We’re more interested in how you think and learn than what you currently know. You should be:
  • Able to apply logical and mathematical thinking to all kinds of problems
  • Intellectually curious—asking great questions is more important than knowing all the answers
  • A strong programmer who is interested in learning to write code in OCaml, even if you’ve never done functional programming before
  • An open-minded thinker and precise communicator who enjoys interacting with colleagues from a wide range of backgrounds and areas of expertise
  • Fluent in English

Area of Responsibilities

Research & Development
Banking & Finance


  • Since our models leverage both our powerful internal technology and a deep understanding of the markets, we expect our Researchers to collaborate closely with our Software Engineers and Quantitative Traders. In this role, you’ll work together to identify market signals, analyse large datasets, build and test models, create new strategies, and write the code that implements them.
  • The problems we work on rarely have clean, definitive answers. You should be comfortable pushing in new and unknown directions while maintaining clarity of purpose. We believe great solutions come from the interaction between diverse groups of people across the firm. The role you carve out for yourself over time will be largely dependent on your strengths and the types of problems you enjoy thinking about.


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Full time

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