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Quantitative Systematic Trader – PhD: Summer 2024

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    Entry Level / Graduate
  • Research & Development
  • New York City

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  • You must have a PhD in a quantitative field, strong problem-solving skills, excel in logical reasoning, Python coding experience, interest in competitive activities, and thrive in a fast-paced setting. Can you meet these requirements?
  • You will research market data, identify trading signals, backtest performance, collaborate with technologists, monitor real-time results, and brainstorm new quant projects.


  • PhD in a quantitative field such as Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Operations Research, or Economics
  • Solid, analytical problem-solving skills
  • Excellent logical reasoning
  • Strong communication skills in a fast-paced and/or highly collaborative environment are essential
  • Experience writing code to process and analyze large sets of data, especially in Python
  • Experience in C++ or other low level programming languages is a plus
  • Demonstrated interest in strategic games and/or competitive activities
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment


  • This idea can come from anyone: you, the mentor who sits beside you, or someone you meet in the cafeteria.
  • As a Quantitative Systematic Trader, you will investigate that idea by immersing yourself in market data, leveraging tools in mathematics, statistics, and programming.
  • Through your research, you may discover a new pattern that can transform into a trading signal.
  • To assess the strength of that trading signal, you will run it through our backtesting environment and carefully analyze its performance.
  • If that signal produces profitable results, you will work side-by-side with technologists and put it into production.
  • Once that signal is embedded in our electronic trading strategies, you will actively monitor its real-time performance in the financial markets.
  • As your trading strategy evolves, you will discuss with other researchers, strategists, and traders to collect feedback and brainstorm new ideas.
  • Some of those ideas will turn into new quant projects, and the life cycle starts all over again.


What qualifications are required for the role of a Quantitative Systematic Trader – PhD?

The ideal candidate for this role should have a PhD in a quantitative field such as mathematics, statistics, computer science, or a related discipline. Strong analytical skills, a deep understanding of quantitative research methods, and an interest in trading are also key qualifications.

What does a typical day look like for a Quantitative Systematic Trader?

A typical day for a Quantitative Systematic Trader involves developing and testing new electronic trading strategies, monitoring real-time performance of existing strategies, analyzing market data, and collaborating with colleagues in trading, technology, and quantitative research. There is a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary cooperation and communication.

What sets a Quantitative Systematic Trader apart from other trading roles?

Quantitative Systematic Traders are unique in that they possess a blend of quantitative research skills, trading knowledge, and technology expertise. They are able to bridge the gap between these different disciplines, leading to innovative and effective trading strategies. This interdisciplinary approach sets them apart from traditional traders.

How does a Quantitative Systematic Trader contribute to the overall success of a trading team?

Quantitative Systematic Traders play a crucial role in developing and implementing trading strategies that are data-driven and scientifically sound. By leveraging their quantitative skills and market knowledge, they help to optimize trading performance and enhance decision-making processes. Their contributions directly impact the profitability and success of the trading team.

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SIG is a global quantitative trading firm founded with a growth mindset and an analytical approach to decision making. As one of the largest proprietary trading firms in the world, we benefit the financial markets by providing liquidity and ensuring competitive prices for buyers and sellers. We bring together the brightest minds, the best technology, and the most expansive library of data in the industry to design and implement quantitative trading strategies that make us leaders in the financial markets. Beyond trading, SIG is active in global private equity, structured capital and institutional brokerage.


  • Medical, Vision, and Dental

    You have a choice of medical plans, including a Health Savings Account plan.

  • Paid Vacation and Time Off

    We offer a generous vacation package so that you can enjoy paid time off away from the office. We observe the New York Stock Exchange holiday schedule, which generally includes nine paid holidays per year. We also offer paid maternity/paternity leave.

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    We have an on-site gym, on-site fitness classes, and wellness tools to help you track your personal health achievements.

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    We support your everyday health with an on-site Wellness Center, and make it easy for you to drop off your prescription for same-day delivery to the office.

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