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Quantitative Trading – Full Time (US)

  • Job
    Entry Level / Graduate
  • Data
    Banking & Finance
  • $200K - $275K
  • Chicago
    New York City

AI generated summary

  • The candidate should have advanced training in quantitative disciplines (such as math, engineering, or computer science), the ability to think systematically and deal with uncertainty, a passion for markets and problem-solving, and preferred experience with programming or statistical software.
  • The candidate will develop expertise in a financial market, apply statistical techniques to trading, continuously adapt trading approaches, and utilize an industry-leading trading platform to innovate.


  • Advanced training in Applied Math, Engineering, Statistical Modeling, Calculus, Computer Science, Physics or related disciplines required (bachelor’s, master’s, PhD Degree)
  • Ability to think about the world systematically and quantitatively, as well as the ability to deal with uncertainty in a rigorous and statistical approach
  • Interest in applying technology and/or quantitative skills to solve complex trading problems
  • Passion for the markets and a desire to seize investment opportunities
  • Experience with programming, scripting, and/or statistical software strongly preferred


  • Develop in-depth knowledge of a financial market
  • Apply advanced statistical techniques to trading
  • Constantly learn and adapt trading approaches
  • Innovate by using one of the industry’s most powerful trading platforms


What kind of assets will I be trading in this role?

You will be trading across a variety of asset classes including Options, ETFs, Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities, and Currencies.

What level of risk management will be involved in this position?

As a quantitative trader, you will be responsible for making complex risk decisions in real-time and using predictive analytics to monitor risk.

What technology will I be using to execute trading strategies?

You will be utilizing advanced technology to execute trading strategies and respond to market signals efficiently.

How will my performance be evaluated in this role?

Your performance will be evaluated based on your ability to make effective trading decisions, manage risk, and generate profits for the firm.

What kind of experience or background is required for this position?

A background in markets and trading, as well as experience with predictive analytics and quantitative trading strategies, is preferred for this role.

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Citadel Securities is the next-generation capital markets firm. Our work is powered by the deepest integration of financial, mathematical and engineering expertise. Combining deep trading acumen with cutting-edge analytics and technology, we at Citadel Securities deliver critical liquidity to the world’s most important financial institutions—while helping shape the global markets of tomorrow.