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Retail Sales Associate - Quail Springs


Old Navy

14d ago

  • Job
    Entry Level / Graduate
  • Hospitality & Retail
  • Oklahoma City

AI generated summary

  • You must be a problem-solving, tech-savvy communicator who can handle customer interactions with professionalism and always strives for improvement. Prioritize learning and open communication to succeed in this retail sales role.
  • You will assist customers, offer style suggestions, promote loyalty programs, and support various processes to provide a premium customer experience at Old Navy.


  • Good communicator with the ability to utilize technology effectively and engage with customers and your team to meet goals
  • Problem solver with a focus on continuous improvement, who is always learning, open to feedback and takes action as required
  • Able to handle customer interactions and potential issues/concerns courteously and professionally
  • Use basic information-gathering skills to solve problems
  • Ability to learn procedural knowledge acquired through on- the-job training


  • All associates are expected to become experts of the brand's selling behaviors, leveraging these behaviors with every customer who walks through our doors and allowing us to provide a premium customer experience.
  • Acknowledge and assist customers; locate merchandise efficiently using various methods; answer questions quickly and accurately
  • Offer style and outfit suggestions to the customer, utilizing mannequins and displays for inspiration
  • Promote loyalty by educating customers about our loyalty programs
  • Leverage omni channel offerings to deliver a frictionless customer experience
  • Support sales floor, fitting room, check out, and back of house processes, as required
  • Courteous and responsive to internal/external request
  • Exchange and verifies job related information to provide support


What is the main focus of the Retail Sales Associate role at Quail Springs?

The main focus of the Retail Sales Associate role at Quail Springs is to engage and connect with customers, provide excellent customer service, educate customers on products, inform them about store promotions and events, and execute operational processes efficiently.

What skills are important for a Retail Sales Associate at Quail Springs to possess?

Important skills for a Retail Sales Associate at Quail Springs include excellent customer service skills, product knowledge, ability to educate and inspire customers, strong communication skills, and the ability to multitask and execute operational processes effectively.

How can a Retail Sales Associate at Quail Springs build brand loyalty with customers?

A Retail Sales Associate at Quail Springs can build brand loyalty with customers by providing exceptional customer service, educating customers on products, informing them about store promotions and events, and creating a positive and memorable shopping experience.

What is the ultimate goal for a Retail Sales Associate at Quail Springs?

The ultimate goal for a Retail Sales Associate at Quail Springs is to bring the brand to life for customers, build brand loyalty, deliver with productivity, and provide an exceptional shopping experience that inspires customers to return.

Retail & Consumer Goods

Mission & Purpose

Old Navy is a popular American clothing and accessories retailer known for offering trendy and affordable fashion for the whole family. The company provides a wide range of stylish and accessible apparel, including jeans, t-shirts, activewear, and seasonal items. Old Navy is dedicated to making high-quality fashion available to everyone by offering a variety of sizes and styles at competitive prices, aiming to democratise style and enhance the everyday wardrobe of its diverse customer base.

Culture & Values

  • Equality & Belonging

    An Open to All mindset drives every aspect of our business. When we include and respect people from all walks of life, we create a better, stronger company and a better, stronger world.

  • Gender Equality & Empowerment

    Equality is woven into the fabric of our culture because it’s the way the world should function. We are proud to be the first Fortune 500 company to announce equal pay for equal work.

  • Sustainability

    We believe strongly that we can create amazing products and experiences for our customers while also ensuring we create opportunity and a healthy environment for our customers, employees, and the people in our supply chain.