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RF/Communication Systems Engineer

  • Job
    Mid-level (3-4 years)
  • Engineering
  • $120K - $165K
  • San Francisco
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  • You must have a Bachelor's in electrical engineering, 3+ years of experience, strong technical and communication skills, knowledge of signals and systems/digital communications, lab testing experience, software development proficiency, and a passion for learning. Additional experience with satellite radio systems, RF system design, and signal processing algorithms is a plus. Apply even if you don't meet all criteria.
  • You will lead system and unit level requirements, conduct R&D for new radio tech, collaborate with design teams, design signal processing algorithms, and assist in team growth. Exciting challenges await at Astranis Space Technologies!


  • Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering or equivalent
  • 3+ years of experience
  • Strong technical communication skills (oral and written)
  • Strong fundamentals in "signals and systems" and digital communications
  • Familiar with hardware components and their associated impairments / limitations
  • Comfortable working in the lab, testing radio hardware, using signal generator, signal analyzer, network analyzer, oscilloscope, etc
  • Proven ability to triage and debug issues discovered in testing
  • Comfortable developing software (Python, and some C/C++)
  • Fast to learn new tools and workflows
  • A passion for working in a fast-paced environment and constantly learning
  • Don't meet them all? Not a problem. Please apply even if you do not meet all these criteria.
  • Bonus:
  • Familiarity with satellite radio systems (ground segment and/or space segment)
  • RF system design and budgeting
  • Radio characterization test planning, automation and execution
  • Comfortable with software, especially Python, git, GNU Radio
  • Fixed point implementation of signal processing algorithms
  • Familiarity with multi-rate signal processing techniques (polyphase filters, resamplers, etc)
  • Multi-antenna systems (beamforming, null-steering)
  • Direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) modem design
  • Familiarity with satellite waveforms and modems (DVB-S2/x, DVB-RCS2)


  • Own architectural trade studies, and establish system and unit level requirements analytically or via simulation
  • Lead R&D efforts for new radio features / technologies / custom components
  • Work closely with many design teams, including RF, Antenna, digital hardware, FPGA, mechanical, thermal
  • Communications related signal processing algorithm design and test
  • Assist in recruiting, interviewing, and hiring additional teammates to our rapidly-growing team.


What are the main responsibilities of a RF/Communication Systems Engineer at Astranis?

The main responsibilities include architecture, design, and modeling of satellite communication payloads. Collaborating with various teams such as the antenna, SDR, RF, DSP, and mechanical teams to design optimal radio systems.

What qualities are important for a RF/Communication Systems Engineer at Astranis?

Important qualities include strong communication skills, problem-solving abilities, attention to detail, and the ability to work effectively in a team. Previous experience in RF engineering and communication systems design is also valuable.

What tools and technologies are typically used by a RF/Communication Systems Engineer at Astranis?

Common tools and technologies used include simulation software, RF testing equipment, programming languages such as Python or MATLAB, and communication protocols such as TCP/IP and LTE.

How does a RF/Communication Systems Engineer collaborate with other teams at Astranis?

A RF/Communication Systems Engineer works closely with teams such as antenna, SDR, RF, DSP, and mechanical teams to ensure the best possible design for radio systems. This collaboration involves sharing information and coordinating efforts to achieve project goals.

What are some potential challenges faced by a RF/Communication Systems Engineer at Astranis?

Challenges may include balancing conflicting priorities from different teams, troubleshooting complex technical issues, and adapting to changing project requirements. It is important for engineers to be adaptable and resourceful in overcoming these challenges.

Small, low-cost communications satellites, in higher orbits.

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Astranis is building small, low-cost telecommunications satellites. Our mission is to help get online the 4 billion people who are without internet access.