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RF Test Engineer

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    Junior, Mid & Senior Level
  • Engineering
  • $120K - $155K
  • San Francisco
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AI generated summary

  • You need a Bachelor's in EE, CS, Python skills, test equipment experience, and 1-6 years of RF testing experience. Bonus points for comms systems, automation, SDR, PCB design, and space electronics knowledge. Apply even if you don't meet all criteria.
  • You'll develop & implement automated RF test solutions, characterize performance, manage test plans, use Python for instrument interfacing, validate designs, and assist in team growth.


  • Bachelor of Science degree in EE, CS (or equivalent background knowledge)
  • 1-6 years of experience
  • Experience with Python (or other high-level scripting languages)
  • Experience taking measurements on RF and mixed signal devices with standard test equipment (network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, signal generators, etc)
  • Don't meet them all? Not a problem. Please apply even if you do not meet all these criteria.
  • Bonus:
  • 2+ years of experience testing communications or RF systems
  • Experience with test automation
  • Strong grasp of digital communications concepts
  • Experience with FPGAs or software defined radios (SDR)
  • Experience designing PCBs using Altium or similar
  • Familiarity with test and qualification of electronics for space


  • Develop test solutions for automated testing of RF and mixed signal hardware: frequency converters, RF amplifiers, oscillators, software defined radios, data converters, etc.
  • Characterize and calibrate the performance of Astranis radio subsystems (gain, nonlinearity, phase noise, frequency drift over temperature, emissions compliance, EVM, BER, etc)
  • Develop and manage test plans, coordinating with hardware engineers to ensure testing validates design requirements
  • Develop and utilize Python libraries for interfacing with test instruments, units under test, and results processing
  • Validate and qualify hardware designs for space environments, interpreting results and providing feedback to the hardware designers
  • Assist in recruiting, interviewing, and hiring additional teammates to our rapidly-growing team.


What is the main responsibility of an RF Test Engineer?

The main responsibility of an RF Test Engineer is to develop test systems to validate RF and mixed signal hardware designs and qualify them for space environments. This includes working with hardware designers and other engineers to create test systems from individual PCBs to integrated end-to-end payloads.

What types of hardware will an RF Test Engineer work with?

An RF Test Engineer will work with a variety of RF and mixed signal hardware such as frequency converters, RF amplifiers, oscillators, software defined radios, and data converters.

What opportunities are available for experienced RF Test Engineers?

Experienced RF Test Engineers may have the opportunity to build a team and scale the test infrastructure of the payload team to increase volume and reduce test times.

What skills are required to be successful as an RF Test Engineer?

To be successful as an RF Test Engineer, candidates should have a strong background in RF and mixed signal hardware, experience in test system development, and the ability to work effectively with hardware designers and other engineers. Strong problem-solving and communication skills are also key.

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