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Security Officer- Retail



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  • Job
    Senior Level
  • Hospitality & Retail
  • Edinburgh


  • Previous Security Experience
  • SIA License
  • SC Clearance desirable
  • Excellent communication skills at all levels.
  • Energy and enthusiasm


  • Operations:
  • To be aware of and ensure compliance with all aspects of policies and relevant legal and regulatory requirements as directed by the Security Account Manager and in accordance with UK Law and Guidance bodies.
  • Fully engage with National Operations Centre (NOC) and Mitie management and use of all technology provided, including body cams and mobile devises to aid in the reporting of all incidents.
  • Fully and satisfactorily complete all of the tasks and duties on site as defined within the published Assignment Instructions (AI's).
  • Proactively refer to and review the published Assignment Instructions, thus familiarising oneself with any changes in order to suggest additional amendments that will improve or enhance the current level of service.
  • To be compliant with Industry and Statutory Legislation (you are required to obtain a front-line licence in either Security Guarding or Door Supervision), which must be worn at all times whilst carrying out your duties. There are also additional courses that are contractually required.
  • Work in a systematic, methodology and orderly way.
  • Training:
  • Fully and satisfactorily complete all required competency training.
  • To undertake training to ensure continuous self-development as directed by the Security Account Manager.
  • Use technology to achieve key work objectives and develop job knowledge and expertise through continual professional development.
  • You are required to ensure you renew your licence 16 weeks before expiry.
  • Security and Health & Safety:
  • Look out for, and to immediately report, any Health & Safety hazards, or potential hazards, on site.
  • Stay alert to any threats or changes within the work environment in order to take the appropriate action to reduce the chance of disruption, loss or damage.
  • Use common sense and initiative by immediately involving others if a situation appears to become threatening.
  • To maintain professional conduct in the face of difficult situations and challenging customers.
  • Complete an accurate, detailed notebook entry as soon as possible after any incident, which can then be used as part of the Incident Report process.
  • Keep to schedules and demonstrate commitment to Mitie and the Client.
  • To ensure check calls are being carried out at the allocated time slot as stipulated in the Assignment Instructions (AI's).
  • To call emergency services and Communication Centre to report all incidents.


What are the key responsibilities of a Security Officer in a retail setting?

The key responsibilities of a Security Officer in a retail setting include protecting the store, its people, and assets, providing excellent customer service, enforcing security procedures, monitoring CCTV cameras, and responding to any security breaches or incidents.

What are the core values that a Security Officer in a retail setting should embody?

A Security Officer in a retail setting should embody the core values of Mitie and Waitrose, which include professionalism, integrity, teamwork, respect, excellence, and customer service.

What is the primary goal of a Security Officer in a retail setting?

The primary goal of a Security Officer in a retail setting is to ensure the safety and security of the store, its employees, and customers, while also providing a positive and welcoming environment for all.

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