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Senior Associate, Public Affairs - U.S. South Region



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  • You must have at least 5 years of experience in public affairs, campaigns, government, law, or policy. Strong campaigner, self-starter, expert advocate, and collaborative teammate. Past experience in FL political/policy landscape is a plus.
  • You will develop and implement legislative, communication, and political strategies for Uber's operations in the U.S. South Region, working to strengthen the company's profile and relationships with policy makers, elected officials, and the media.


  • Basic Qualifications:
  • 5+ years of experience in public affairs, campaigns, government, law or public policy
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Preferred Qualifications:
  • Strong campaigner: We succeed by putting together effective campaigns with third parties on behalf of the passengers, eaters, and drivers who use the app. That means you'll have a bias for action in everything you do, and also building strong intuition for business, covering issues related to mobility, delivery, safety, insurance, future of work and/or automation.
  • Self starter: We are a company of entrepreneurs, and we want to work with people who enjoy building things from the bottom up too. Things change fast at a global company like Uber so you'll need to be highly adaptable as well as calm under pressure.
  • Expert advocate: We want someone who can distill complex ideas into simple, but intellectually credible, arguments. This person should write well and have the creative ability to tell stories--about our product, people and the ways we're helping to improve life for riders, drivers, delivery people and cities across Florida and the southern United States.
  • Collaborative teammate: Success at Uber depends on the ability to coordinate different teams (internally and externally) around shared goals. We look for collaborators who can get stuff done--and who can deal with the ambiguity that sometimes comes from working cross-functionally.
  • Past experience in the political and policy landscape in Florida is a plus.


  • Strengthen Uber's brand and profile with policy makers, elected officials, third parties and media.
  • ​​Develop Uber's legislative, communications and political strategy throughout the region on Uber Rides, Uber Eats, Uber Health, grocery delivery, transit, etc. This includes tracking legislation relevant to Uber at the municipal, county and state levels.
  • Work to ensure that the regulatory frameworks in the region enable the benefits of Uber for our customers and the cities we operate in.
  • Prepare, update, and prioritize messaging to respond to issues.
  • Partner with government and third parties on innovative transport solutions.
  • Partner with business leadership to support sustainable growth of Uber’s mobility and delivery businesses.
  • Support and work closely with Uber’s Policy, Communications, Legal, Mobility, and Delivery teams.
  • Manage a team of external policy and communications consultants.


What is the main responsibility of the Senior Associate, Public Affairs in the U.S. South Region?

The main responsibility of the Senior Associate, Public Affairs in the U.S. South Region is to strengthen Uber's brand and profile with policy makers, elected officials, third parties, and media. They will develop Uber's legislative, communications, and political strategy throughout the region, working to ensure that regulatory frameworks enable the benefits of Uber for customers and the cities in which it operates.

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We are Uber. The go-getters. The kind of people who are relentless about our mission to help people go anywhere and get anything and earn their way. Movement is what we power. It’s our lifeblood. It runs through our veins. It’s what gets us out of bed each morning. It pushes us to constantly reimagine how we can move better. For you. For all the places you want to go. For all the things you want to get. For all the ways you want to earn. Across the entire world. In real time. At the incredible speed of now. The idea for Uber was born on a snowy night in Paris in 2008, and ever since then our DNA of reimagination and reinvention carries on. We’ve grown into a global platform powering flexible earnings and the movement of people and things in ever expanding ways. We’ve gone from connecting rides on 4 wheels to 2 wheels to 18-wheel freight deliveries. From takeout meals to daily essentials to prescription drugs to just about anything you need at any time and earning your way. From drivers with background checks to real-time verification, safety is a top priority every single day. At Uber, the pursuit of reimagination is never finished, never stops, and is always just beginning.

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    Bring the mindset of a champion. Our ambition is what drives us to achieve our mission. How we define a champion mindset isn’t based on how we perform on our best days, it’s how we respond on the worst days. We hustle, embrace the grind, overcome adversity, and play to win for the people we serve. Because it matters.

  • Trip obsessed

    Make magic in the marketplace. The trip is where the marketplace comes to life. The earner, rider, eater, carrier and merchant are the people who connect in our marketplace - and we see every side. This requires judgment to make difficult trade-offs, blending algorithms with human ingenuity, and the ability to create simplicity from complexity. When we get the balance right for everyone, Uber magic happens.

  • Build with heart

    We care. We work at Uber because our products profoundly affect lives and we care deeply about our impact. Putting ourselves in the shoes of the people who connect in our marketplace helps us build better products that positively impact our communities and partners. Our care drives us to perfect our craft.

  • Stand for safety

    Safety never stops. We embed safety into everything we do. Our relentless pursuit to make Uber safer for everyone using our platform will continue to make us an industry leader for safety. We know the work of safety never stops, yet we can and will challenge ourselves to always be better for the communities we serve.

  • See the forest and the trees

    Know the details that matter. Building for the intersection of the physical and digital worlds at global scale requires seeing the big picture and the details. Knowing the important details can change the approach, and small improvements can compound into enormous impact over time.

  • One Uber

    Bet on something bigger. It’s powerful to be a part of something bigger than any one of us, or any one team. That’s why we work together to do what’s best for Uber, not the individual or team. We actively support our teammates, and they support us - especially when we hit the inevitable bumps in the road. We say what we mean, disagree and commit, and celebrate our progress, together.

  • Great minds don't think alike

    Diversity makes us stronger. We seek out diversity. Diversity of ideas. Identity. Ethnicity. Experience. Education. The more diverse we become, the more we can adapt and ultimately achieve our mission. When we reflect the incredible diversity of the people who connect on our platform, we make better decisions that benefit the world.


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