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Senior EEE Component Reliability Engineer

  • Job
    Senior (5-8 years)
  • Engineering
  • $140K - $200K
  • San Francisco
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AI generated summary

  • You need a Bachelor's degree in engineering with 5+ years of experience as a component engineer. Proficiency in semiconductor physics and accelerated testing is a must. Bonus points for HALT/HASS knowledge and failure analysis experience. Gather and interpret PPAP documentation for EEE components.
  • You will develop predictive models, qualification tests, advise on part selection, conduct failure analysis, and maintain component libraries for EEE components at Astranis Space Technologies.


  • Bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline
  • 5+ years of experience as a component, reliability engineer, or electrical engineer.
  • 2+ years of experience in one or more of the following areas: semiconductor physics, physics of failure, accelerated testing, design for reliability
  • Bonus:
  • Knowledge of accelerated test profiles for component-level screening and qualification testing
  • Understanding of HALT/HASS test profiles and reliability assessments
  • Knowledge of supplier quality processes: production part approval process, advanced product quality planning, first article inspection reports, product lifecycle management systems, etc.
  • Experience performing failure analysis and destructive physical analysis investigations to provide corrective actions and paths to closure
  • Experience maintaining source control documentations for EEE components
  • Experience gathering and interpreting PPAP documentation for EEE components


  • Develop physics of failures based models to predict EEE component life and assess the impact of component failure on mission life
  • Develop qualification and screening tests and derating guidelines for flight rated EEE components.
  • Advise designers on parts selection based on part qualification levels and reliability test data
  • Drive failure analysis on EEE component failures to determine root causes and identify corrective actions
  • Assist in maintaining the approved component library in Astranis’s ECAD and PLM databases


What are the main responsibilities of a Senior EEE Component Reliability Engineer at Astranis?

As a Senior EEE Component Reliability Engineer at Astranis, your main responsibilities include selecting EEE components, assessing their reliability, designing solutions to reliability challenges, planning and executing qualification or screening processes, and collaborating with other teams to ensure mission reliability and lifetime goals are met.

What qualifications and experience are required for this role?

A successful candidate for this role would have a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering or a related field, as well as experience in component reliability engineering, electrical design, and qualification processes. Experience in the aerospace industry and knowledge of space environment effects on electronics would also be beneficial.

What skills are important for a Senior EEE Component Reliability Engineer at Astranis?

Important skills for this role include a strong technical background in electrical engineering, attention to detail, problem-solving abilities, strong communication skills, the ability to work effectively in a collaborative team environment, and a proactive mindset for pushing the boundaries of spacecraft design and performance.

How does a Senior EEE Component Reliability Engineer contribute to the overall mission of Astranis?

A Senior EEE Component Reliability Engineer plays a critical role in ensuring the reliability and performance of our spacecraft electronics, which are essential for the success of our missions. By selecting and assessing EEE components, designing solutions, and planning qualification processes, they help ensure that our spacecraft meet mission reliability and lifetime goals, enabling us to deliver cutting-edge technology in space.

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