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Senior Frontend Engineer

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  • Software Engineering
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  • You need advanced skills in JS, React, TypeScript, cloud services, REST APIs, and modern build tooling for frontend engineering at Connexity, Inc. Quality code and a product mindset are essential.
  • You will collaborate with design and product teams on customer-focused features, create elegant code, participate in product planning, mentor junior team members, and constantly seek ways to improve frontend systems for Connexity, Inc.


  • High degree of fluency in JavaScript, with knowledge of modern techniques as well as core JS concepts.
  • Deep understanding of React and it’s ecosystem
  • Experience with highly performant vanilla Javascript solutions
  • Solid understanding of TypeScript
  • Experience integrating with cloud services, and RESTful APIs.
  • Modern frontend build tooling (Webpack/Parcel, ESlint, Cypress, Jest, Babel, NPM/Yarn)
  • Proficiency in frontend markup and styling
  • Interested in writing high quality, robust code involving approaches such as unit testing, code coverage and static code analysis.
  • Have a product mindset: At Skimlinks we truly believe that feature ideas can come from anywhere


  • Collaborating with our design and product teams to work on features that our customers love
  • Focusing on creating code that is elegant, easy to maintain, and well-tested
  • Taking part in the early stages of product planning, highlighting potential blockers on the front end side, and providing high-level estimations and timelines
  • Identifying refactoring needs and actively participating in efforts to address them
  • Playing an active role in the development of our most mission-critical products and services
  • Providing technical mentoring to junior team members
  • Collaborating with highly capable engineers who enjoy working together and supporting new team members
  • Considering ways to make things simpler, more intuitive, and easier for our customers
  • Actively seeking improvement in our frontend systems and tools (tests, documentation, build processes, coding standards, etc.)
  • Being transparent with the team (both upwards and downwards) about challenges, failures, and successes


What is the primary responsibility of a Senior Frontend Engineer at Skimlinks?

The primary responsibility of a Senior Frontend Engineer at Skimlinks is to design, develop, and maintain user interfaces to create visually appealing and functional interfaces that provide a seamless user experience. This involves translating design mockups into code, optimizing performance, ensuring cross-browser compatibility, and implementing responsive design for various devices and screen sizes.

Performance marketing at the intersection of data and technology. Connecting shoppers with retailers for over 20 years.

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Connexity is a company that specialises in e-commerce and online marketing solutions. They offer a platform that connects retailers, brands, and consumers, facilitating targeted advertising and product recommendations. Their ultimate mission is to help retailers and brands optimise their online presence and drive sales by providing data-driven marketing solutions and audience insights. Connexity's purpose is to enhance the online shopping experience for consumers by delivering relevant product recommendations and personalised advertising that aligns with their interests and preferences. They aim to be a trusted partner for retailers, empowering them to reach their target audience effectively and efficiently, while also improving the overall online shopping experience for consumers by delivering relevant and tailored content.