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Senior Internal Auditor


ASR Group

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    Mid & Senior Level
  • Accounting & Tax
  • West Palm Beach

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  • You must have 3+ years of audit experience, manufacturing and financial audit knowledge, SAP proficiency, progress towards CPA/CIA/CFA/CFE certification, and bilingual English/Spanish skills. Strong in analytics, communication, teamwork, and independence.
  • You will support and execute audit projects, participate in planning, conduct process walk-throughs, analyze data, execute tests, issue reports, and train staff.


  • 3+ years of experience as an auditor or industry experience in a key process
  • Manufacturing, supply chain and financial audit experience desired.
  • Supervisory experience is preferred.
  • Understanding of SAP, Power BI and data analytic techniques is desirable
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accounting, Management or similar area of study.
  • Progress towards certification as a CPA, CIA, CFA or CFE or a similar certification.
  • Master’s degree is desirable.
  • English / Spanish bilingual capability is highly desired.
  • The position may supervise individuals during the execution of individual audit projects and will have one direct report.
  • The individual must have the ability to work with and communicate comfortably with personnel at all levels of the company.
  • Ability to develop relationships across the organization to facilitate knowledge gathering and audit execution.
  • Ability to work effectively in varying environments and with different tasks, responsibilities, and people.
  • Approaches situations or problems by defining the problem or issue and determining its significance. Collects and breaks down data, using analytic tools to disclose meaningful patterns and distinguish information to develop sustainable solutions.
  • Ability to expresses ideas and information in a clear and concise manner in which messages are both complete and succinct. Focuses on relevant topics and uses vocabulary and terminology that is appropriate given the background of the audience.
  • Changes his/her interpersonal style and approach based on the circumstance; modifies his/her approach based on cues from others and makes an effort to treat people in a way that makes them feel comfortable and respected.
  • Works hard to get along with others; does not get overly upset by actions that could be perceived as rude or inappropriate; gives people the benefit of the doubt when judging their actions and intentions. Considers and respects cultural differences and norms.
  • Ability to maintain independence to reach reasonable conclusions; stands by conclusions without influence from inside or outside of the company.
  • Shows enthusiasm toward being a member of the group; actively participates in team meetings and activities; supports team decisions. Looks for ways to help his/her coworkers; responds positively to requests for assistance; shares information and ideas to help others achieve their goals.


  • The core element of this role is to support and execute audit projects. Critical to this role is the ability to understand risk, to be able to participate in audit planning, to be able to perform audit procedures and tests and to be able to convert observations and test results into appropriate recommendations for the business.
  • Executing Audit Projects:
  • Develop an understanding of the audit area.
  • Participate in planning individual audits.
  • Ensure a thorough understanding of key internal and external risks impacting the audit area.
  • Conduct walk-throughs of key processes.
  • Capture and analyze key financial and operational data, as well as process and performance metrics.
  • Utilize tools necessary to conduct the audit effectively.
  • Execute tests of controls and transactions and evaluate results.
  • Ensure workpapers are created that appropriately support the evaluation of processes and the testing of transactions and controls.
  • Ensure audit procedures and testing fulfil the audit objectives.
  • Keep Internal Audit Managers and Directors apprised of progress and findings.
  • Recommend changes to audit scope and procedures based upon audit results, as necessary.
  • Issuing Audit Reports:
  • Assist in the development of written reports summarizing the audit, the procedures performed and the appropriate observations, recommendations and actions of management.
  • Identify and document audit observations based upon audit/project interviews and test results.
  • Ensure reports and audit observations are specifically based upon facts identified through audit procedures and testing.
  • Ensure recommendations are appropriate from a both a risk and business perspective, rather than from a theoretical perspective.
  • Ensure audit reports are properly cross-references to underlying workpapers.
  • Ensure work papers and reports are properly filed and that risk and control databases are updated at the end of each audit.
  • Training & Development:
  • Learn the business. Focus development in areas subject to upcoming audits.
  • Demonstrate strong audit skills in at least one to three areas in which ASR Group operates.
  • Stay current on internal audit trends, business risks and internal business strategies, activities and results in order to lead audit projects.
  • Work to become certified in an area of interest relevant to internal audit.
  • Help to train and develop the knowledge of internal audit staff members as it relates to the business and audit methodology and procedures.


What are the core responsibilities of a Senior Internal Auditor at ASR Group?

The core responsibilities of a Senior Internal Auditor at ASR Group include executing audit projects, participating in audit planning, conducting walk-throughs of key processes, analyzing data, performing tests of controls and transactions, recommending changes based on audit results, issuing audit reports, and training and developing internal audit staff members.

What qualifications are required for the Senior Internal Auditor position at ASR Group?

The qualifications required for the Senior Internal Auditor position at ASR Group include 3+ years of auditing or industry experience, a Bachelor's Degree in Finance, Accounting, Management or a similar area of study, progress towards certification as a CPA, CIA, CFA, or CFE, and English/Spanish bilingual capability.

Is travel required for the Senior Internal Auditor position at ASR Group?

Yes, periodic travel will be required to various company locations within the United States and internationally for the Senior Internal Auditor position at ASR Group.

What software knowledge is desirable for the Senior Internal Auditor position at ASR Group?

Understanding of SAP, Power BI, and data analytic techniques is desirable for the Senior Internal Auditor position at ASR Group.

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