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Senior Marketing Specialist

  • Job
    Senior & Expert Level
  • Marketing
  • $79.6K - $99.5K
  • New York City

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  • You need a bachelor's degree and 7+ years in marketing for A/E/C. Must drive pursuits, excel in strategy, design, and writing, and have proficiency in InDesign and CRM tools.
  • You will lead proposal development, drive pursuit strategies, manage brand marketing activities, develop subject matter expertise, and support training initiatives within the marketing team.


  • Bachelor's degree in business, marketing, communications or a related field required
  • A minimum of 7 years of related work experience required.
  • Related experience working in a marketing or communications role for a professional services firm required.
  • Related experience working in the Architecture, Engineering, and/or Construction industry preferred.
  • Must be proactive, self-driven, organized, detail-oriented and have an enthusiasm for innovation.
  • Strong time and project management skills are essential, along with the ability to work in a deadline-driven environment.
  • Must have the ability to drive large, complex pursuits end-to-end.
  • Solid skills in strategic thinking, writing and design—with the potential and/or interest to further develop/excel in at least one of these areas.
  • Strong proficiency with InDesign, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Familiarity with Deltek CRM Vision, Salesforce and Miro is a plus.


  • Lead the development of proposal materials including coordination and production of deliverables across all stages of the process.
  • Drive large, strategic, and complex pursuit process from proposal coordination through interview. May lead visual theme and strategic messaging. Able to develop creative ideas for proposals and interview content.
  • Collaborate with Marketing teammates, other BMBD team members and Client Leaders to develop pursuit strategies—starting with client engagement, leading to proposal then interview—to secure the win.
  • Create and update resumes, portfolio pages, presentations and related marketing materials using our design templates as inspiration and working within our brand standards.
  • Participate in the development of collateral that supports our markets, offices, and services.
  • Provide marketing research for overall market/office strategy, as well as for individual clients and pursuits.
  • Lead local/regional marketing activities, such as sponsorships, award submissions, events and photography, that align with our PR/Communications objectives and increase our brand visibility.
  • Develop strong, in-depth knowledge of the firm’s portfolio, personnel and offerings.
  • Develop subject matter expertise (across markets, typologies, services, technology or other) that adds value to our marketing initiatives and pursuit activities.
  • Work with Regional Marketing Team Leader to support training and ongoing development of Marketing Specialists.
  • Provide peer review and oversight for accuracy and quality of content.
  • Self-review all work for accuracy and quality of content.
  • Maintain and update Salesforce for clients and pursuits.
  • Properly and accurately maintain a proposal filing system.
  • Internalizes marketing best practices.
  • OTHER:
  • May participate in external marketing activities.
  • May perform other duties as required.


What qualifications are required for the Senior Marketing Specialist position?

To qualify for the Senior Marketing Specialist position, candidates must have a Bachelor's degree in business, marketing, communications, or a related field, a minimum of 7 years of related work experience, experience working in a marketing or communications role for a professional services firm, and proficiency in Adobe InDesign, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

What are the responsibilities of the Senior Marketing Specialist?

The Senior Marketing Specialist is responsible for leading the development of proposal materials, driving large strategic pursuits, collaborating with team members to develop pursuit strategies, creating and updating marketing materials, leading local marketing activities, developing subject matter expertise, overseeing marketing operations, and more.

What is the salary range for the Senior Marketing Specialist position in the New York, NY office?

The salary range for the Senior Marketing Specialist position in the New York, NY office is $79,580 to $99,475 annually. Actual compensation may vary based on geographic location, work experience, education, and skill level.

What benefits are offered to employees in the Senior Marketing Specialist position?

Employees in the Senior Marketing Specialist position are offered a full benefit package including medical, dental, and vision coverage, flexible spending account options, voluntary insurances, paid time off, flex-time summer hours, remote work options, a 401k plan, and employee perk programs.

How can candidates apply for the Senior Marketing Specialist position?

Candidates can apply for the Senior Marketing Specialist position on the company's Careers site. Scammers may create fake positions on other sites, so it is important to only apply through the official company site. Candidates should provide their resume and portfolio when applying.

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