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Senior Software Development Engineer Lead



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  • Job
    Senior & Expert Level
  • Software Engineering
  • Toronto

AI generated summary

  • You have 7+ years of software development experience, strong leadership skills, expertise in Computer Science, a passion for high-performance code, and experience with Big Data technologies. Bonus points for a MS in CS, Java/Scala skills, and data visualization experience.
  • You will lead a team designing data models for distributed systems, writing code, mentoring engineers, collaborating with managers, and resolving project impediments.


  • Who You Are:
  • 7+ years of software development experience
  • Experience in managing a software development team, providing regular feedback, mentorship or coaching to software engineers
  • You have a rock-solid foundation in Computer Science (data structures, algorithms, software design)
  • You are experienced with architecting, developing and extending large and complex systems.
  • A passion for shipping quality high-performance code. You are a problem solver, a fixer, and a creative technologist.
  • Experience with Big Data and technologies such as Hadoop, Map/Reduce, Spark, Hive
  • A demonstrated track record of taking the initiative and acting as a technical lead
  • A strong sense of ownership and a dislike for passing the buck
  • A strong communicator and a team player who can work efficiently with others
  • Experience working with product owners to understand and implement business requirements
  • Bonus Skills:
  • MS in Computer Science or related field.
  • Practical experience with Java and Scala
  • Familiarity with analytic databases such as Vertica
  • Data visualization design and development
  • We acknowledge that many candidates may not meet every single role requirement listed above. If your experience looks a little different from our requirements but you believe that you can still bring value to the role, we’d love to see your application!


  • Lead an engineering team with the core focus of building robust distributed data processing systems that enable data insights and visualization
  • Design data models that help other engineering teams to make use of tremendous volumes of advertising and organic event data
  • Write high quality, maintainable code as leading member of the team
  • Grow the skills and careers of engineers on your team
  • Participate in architecture decisions, influence the roadmap, and take ownership and responsibility over new projects
  • Work closely with product managers, project managers, and other leads
  • Work to remove impediments that prevent team members from successful deliveries


How many years of software development experience are required for this role?

7+ years of software development experience is required for this role.

What are the essential skills and qualifications for this position?

The essential skills and qualifications for this position include experience in managing a software development team, strong foundation in Computer Science, experience with Big Data technologies, and a track record of technical leadership.

What are some bonus skills that would be beneficial for this role?

Bonus skills for this role include a Master's degree in Computer Science or related field, practical experience with Java and Scala, familiarity with analytic databases such as Vertica, and data visualization design and development.

How important is communication and teamwork for this role?

Communication and teamwork are essential for this role, as the Senior Software Development Engineer Lead will need to work closely with product managers, project managers, and other team leads to successfully deliver projects.

Do I need to meet every single requirement listed in the job description to apply?

While meeting every requirement listed is preferred, the company values candidates who can bring unique experiences and skills to the role. If you believe you can still bring value to the position, we encourage you to apply.

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