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Software Development Engineer (SDE), Big Data Platform



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    Junior & Mid Level
  • Software Engineering
  • San Francisco
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AI generated summary

  • You must have 2+ years of coding experience, proficiency in Java or Scala, knowledge of data processing systems, and familiarity with Cloud providers. A Bachelor's/Master's in relevant fields or equivalent work experience is required. Additional experience with GCP, Kubernetes, and modern databases/frameworks is a plus.
  • You will work on a scalable data management system, implement SOA and Kubernetes, evaluate big data technologies, and deliver innovative solutions at massive scale.


  • 2+ years of experience writing and deploying production code
  • Solid programming skills in Java or Scala
  • Understanding of large-scale data processing systems and distributed databases
  • Experience with Cloud providers like AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering, or related field or commensurate work experience
  • Bonus Points:
  • GCP
  • Kubernetes
  • Spring Boot
  • Modern distributed databases such as SingleStore, Snowflake, Cassandra
  • Data processing frameworks: Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Pig
  • Stream processing frameworks: Spark streaming, Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, Flink
  • Search indexing: Lucene, Solr, Elasticsearch
  • Designing and implementing interfaces and infrastructure for large volume services and RESTful APIs


  • Work on a massively scalable data management system that performs operations on petabytes of data with real-time segmentation. If you enjoy advanced distributed databases and indexing strategies, this could be a good fit.
  • Tackle challenging problems such as implementing SOA and Kubernetes at scale and overhauling our data tier on GCP and beyond.
  • Own product features from the development phase through to production deployment.
  • Evaluate big data technologies and prototype solutions to improve our data processing architecture.
  • Your team will:
  • Provide advanced data management and segmentation capabilities to our internal and external customers.
  • Iterate on our next gen architecture as we revolutionize data management and processing for our customers, reducing processing times from days to minutes.
  • Discover and deliver innovative solutions to our customers’ most difficult challenges at mind-boggling scale.


What experience is required for the Software Development Engineer (SDE), Big Data Platform position?

The ideal candidate should have at least 2 years of experience writing and deploying production code, solid programming skills in Java or Scala, understanding of large-scale data processing systems and distributed databases, as well as experience with Cloud providers like AWS, Azure, GCP. A Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering, or related field is also preferred.

What are some of the bonus points for this position?

Some bonus points for this position include experience with GCP, Kubernetes, Spring Boot, modern distributed databases such as SingleStore, Snowflake, Cassandra, data processing frameworks like Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Pig, stream processing frameworks like Spark streaming, Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, Flink, search indexing with Lucene, Solr, Elasticsearch, and designing and implementing interfaces and infrastructure for large volume services and RESTful APIs.

What benefits are offered for this position?

Benefits for this position include the opportunity to work with talented and friendly colleagues, in-office food options like catered meals and snacks, fun events like game nights and happy hours, work/life balance with flexible paid time off and remote work opportunities, a whole health package including medical, dental, vision, and disability insurance, mental health support, and fitness reimbursement, as well as a 401K matching plan for savings.

Collaborating with the world's most innovative companies to build enduring brand and business value

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Mission & Purpose

LiveRamp is the data collaboration platform for the world’s most innovative companies. A leader in consumer privacy, data ethics, and foundational identity, LiveRamp sets the new standard for building a connected customer view with unmatched clarity and context while protecting brand and consumer trust. LiveRamp provides the flexibility to collaborate wherever data lives to support various data collaboration use cases - within organizations, between brands, and across its global network. Hundreds of global innovators - from iconic consumer brands and tech giants to banks, retailers, and healthcare leaders - rely on LiveRamp to build enduring brand and business value by deepening customer engagement and loyalty, activating new partnerships, and maximizing the value of first-party data while staying on the forefront of evolving compliance and privacy requirements.

Culture & Values

  • Above all, we do what’s right.

    We each have lofty career ambitions, but above all, we agree that our work is about helping our team and clients win, within the confines of what is legally and morally right. With this comes some simple maxims: we always view the world through the lens of our customers and do what’s best for them. We always prioritize what creates long-term value over our own personal ambitions. And we always operate within appropriate legal and moral guidelines.

  • We love our customers.

    Our customers are our reason for being. We seek to understand the world first through their eyes, recognizing that their success means our success. What does winning mean to our customers? What keeps them up at night? And how can we help? These are the essential questions we are maniacally focused on solving.

  • We say what we mean, and do what we say.

    We hold ourselves accountable for setting and achieving high goals. When we fall short, we take full responsibility, learn, and do better next time. Each of us is our own most vocal critic, yet one another’s most enthusiastic advocate—always reflecting on the thumb before pointing the finger.

  • We empower people.

    We believe that people perform best when given the power and freedom to do their jobs. The role of leadership is to set common goals and encourage people to work together to achieve them, not to micromanage. We respect the judgment of those closest to the work. We trust our people to do the right thing and avoid unnecessary rules and bureaucracy.

  • We respect people and respect time.

    We believe we have exceptional people—people that possess high character in addition to high intellect. We therefore have no tolerance for selfish, mean, or boorish behavior. Respecting people also means taking care of ourselves. We take time away from work to maintain our health and creativity. Wherever possible, we cut unnecessary bureaucracy, decision loops, and inefficient processes.

  • We get stuff done.

    We work in a dynamic industry and commit to getting things done—quickly. We prioritize progress over perfection: perfect is good, done is better. We also recognize that each of us brings a unique perspective and believe that moving quickly can't come at the expense of stifling diverse viewpoints. Yet once a decision is made, we agree to move forward without renegotiating the outcome. In short, we can disagree but must wholeheartedly commit.


  • Flexible Paid Time Off

    We believe work is just one part of life. We encourage LiveRampers to take time off when they need to re-energize so they can ramp to their best selves.

  • Adjustable Work Schedule

    Whether at home or in an office, LiveRampers come to work ready to make an impact. They have flexibility to work when and where they need because they are empowered to get stuff done.

  • Growth Opportunities

    LiveRampers are empowered to live our values of committing to shared goals and operational excellence with support from mentors and talent enablement programs.

  • One Connected Team

    While we’re headquartered in downtown San Francisco, our teammates collaborate across the world, in Amsterdam, Boston, Little Rock, London, Nantong, New York, Paris, Philadelphia, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, and home offices across the globe.

  • Comprehensive Benefits

    We offer a complete wellness package: health insurance, dental and vision, mental health support, and fitness reimbursements, along with family leave, retirement savings plans, and more.

  • Remote Work Perks

    Our all-inclusive RAMP Remote program offers a generous home office stipend and ergonomic program to help LiveRampers do their best work from home.