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    Mid & Senior Level
  • Software Engineering
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AI generated summary

  • You need a strong scientific mindset, software engineering experience, knowledge of modelling paradigms, Python proficiency, and a holistic approach to software development.
  • You will develop algorithms, build pipelines, tools, and optimize performance to enhance modelling behaviour and support cross-functional projects within the Enterprise Insights team at Improbable.


  • A strong scientific and engineering mindset, software engineering experience, and a desire to solve real-world problems
  • Eagerness to learn and apply model and data engineering to solve customer problems
  • Exposure to or experience with mathematical modelling paradigms (e.g., systems dynamics, event-based modelling, agent-based modelling) and associated simulation tools
  • Familiarity with Python and a willingness to learn more advanced features of the language and software engineering design patterns
  • Knowledge of tools and libraries for modelling, data analysis, and scientific computing (e.g., NumPy, Pandas, SciPy)
  • Naturally pragmatic, balancing fast-moving project requirements with quality and good practices
  • Ability to think holistically about every aspect of software development, including testing, documentation, security and performance


  • Contribute to developing and implementing algorithms which result in plausible modelling behaviour
  • Building pipelines to extract, synthesise and integrate data from various sources, making it available to simulation engines and user interfaces
  • Building tooling that enables model developers to do their work quicker and better
  • Profiling and improving the performance of models so that we can reach new levels of speed and scale
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams across the Enterprise Insights team to support adjacent projects where required


What are the key responsibilities of a Software Engineer, Modelling in Enterprise Insights?

Key responsibilities include developing and implementing algorithms for plausible modelling behavior, building pipelines to integrate data from various sources, creating tooling for model developers, optimizing model performance, and collaborating with cross-functional teams.

What qualifications and skills are required for the role?

Candidates should have a strong scientific and engineering mindset, software engineering experience, eagerness to learn model and data engineering, exposure to mathematical modeling paradigms, familiarity with Python and relevant libraries, and a pragmatic approach to project requirements.

What opportunities for growth and development are available in this role?

This role offers the opportunity to work with a multidisciplinary team, collaborate on innovative projects, learn and apply advanced modeling and data engineering techniques, and contribute to solving real-world problems. There are also opportunities to develop expertise in software design patterns and engineering best practices.

How does this role align with the overall goals of the Enterprise Insights team?

This role plays a crucial role in developing models and simulations used in digital twins, enabling users to analyze performance and test scenarios. By optimizing model performance, integrating data sources, and collaborating with cross-functional teams, the Software Engineer, Modelling contributes to the team's goal of taking modeling to the next level.

What kind of support and resources are available for Software Engineers in this role?

Software Engineers in this role have access to a collaborative and supportive environment, where they can work alongside scientists, modellers, and software engineers. There are opportunities for learning and professional development, as well as support from the team in applying model and data engineering to solve customer problems.

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