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    Mid & Senior Level
  • Software Engineering
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  • You must have Python microservice experience, be a team player, balance speed and quality, show curiosity, and be open to learning new skills on the job.
  • You will collaborate with team members, contribute to all parts of the system, participate in code reviews, planning, and retrospectives. Gain expertise in Python, Docker, CircleCI, DynamoDB, and more. Make a real impact in a supportive, collaborative environment.


  • Experience with building and maintaining python microservices
  • Ready to contribute to an inclusive and positive working environment for everyone
  • Able to communicate clearly and be humble when sharing ideas with everyone on the team
  • Capable of writing production quality code and doing iterative development, balancing speed to ship and long term maintainability
  • Experience with the creation and maintenance of ETL pipelines is a plus
  • Have a detail oriented mindset and actively demonstrate curiosity
  • If you’ve programmed in a different language and not worked with Python before, that’s OK, knowing how to code is a transferable skill. Equally if you’ve never used AWS before and have experience with an alternative cloud provider, that’s OK too. There’s time to learn on the job and a supportive, knowledgeable team will help you.
  • We believe in having a curious mindset and your ability to learn to do the job is more important than a checklist of must haves


  • Meet and build relationships with your team members and relevant stakeholders.
  • Contribute to every part of our system, tests, documentation, as well as code and process.
  • Participate in Code Review on feature changes and confidently make changes (i.e with tests!) to our systems.
  • Participate in our Planning and Retrospective meetings where you will have direct input to the team’s ways of working.
  • Gain expertise over the tools and services we use: Python, Docker, CircleCI, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, etc.
  • This is a high trust, supportive and collaborative environment where you will have plenty of opportunities to really help make an impact on both your team and wider company. We value attitude as much as we do direct experience—we want to hire people to grow into the role and beyond.


What is the primary responsibility of a Software Engineer in the Product Data team at Lyst?

The primary responsibility of a Software Engineer in the Product Data team is to build upon and improve the product data pipeline that ingests thousands of items per second to our catalog of millions of products.

What is the focus of the inclusive development team that the Software Engineer will work with?

The inclusive development team focuses on improving the systems involved in onboarding new retailers to Lyst, which will diversify the catalogue and improve the customer experience.

How will the Software Engineer contribute to the on-going performance improvements of the product data pipeline?

The Software Engineer will contribute to on-going performance improvements by working on building upon existing systems and implementing enhancements to the product data pipeline.

What is the main goal of onboarding new retailers to Lyst?

The main goal of onboarding new retailers to Lyst is to diversify the catalogue, allow customers to see new retailers and trends quicker, and ultimately improve the customer experience.

How does Lyst support the success of its Software Engineers in the Product Data team?

Lyst supports the success of its Software Engineers by fostering relationships first and ensuring that the team has the resources and support they need to excel in their roles.

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Lyst is a fashion e-commerce platform that brings together thousands of fashion brands and retailers, offering users a convenient way to discover and shop for clothing, shoes, accessories, and more. Their ultimate mission is to revolutionise the online fashion shopping experience by providing a personalised and curated platform that helps users find the perfect fashion items that match their style and preferences. Lyst's purpose is to connect fashion enthusiasts with a vast array of fashion choices, making the process of discovering and purchasing fashion items enjoyable and efficient.