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Software Engineer (Simulation)



9d ago

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    Junior (1-2 years) - Senior (5-8 years)
  • Software Engineering
  • London
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AI generated summary

  • You need a degree in computer science, strong OOP skills, algorithmic thinking, testing expertise, and communication skills. Knowledge in modern C++, machine learning, and parallel computing is a plus.
  • You design and develop simulation libraries, implement high-performance computing approaches, write tests, and collaborate with researchers at InstaDeep.


  • Degree in computer science or equivalent.
  • Creative problem solving, starting from first principles.
  • Strong knowledge of OOP, SOLID principles and design patterns.
  • Strong knowledge of algorithmic thinking and data structures.
  • Cross-functional ability to experiment, simulate and analyse data.
  • Ensuring high-quality deliverables with extensive testing from Unit Tests to E2E tests.
  • Experience with profiling tools (GPU, CPU, Memory, Garbage Collection).
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Nice to have:
  • Strong knowledge in modern C++ (C++17, C++20) or willingness to learn.
  • Basic knowledge of machine learning.
  • Experience in contributing, maintaining and/or building open-source projects.
  • Experience in parallel and high-performance computing.
  • Experience in TDD, BDD and/or DDD is a plus


  • Designing and developing our in-house simulation libraries.
  • Implementing various approaches for high-performance and distributed computing.
  • Cover solutions with the needed unit and integration tests.
  • Write high-quality, maintainable and modular software libraries.
  • Work side by side with our researchers and engineers.


What are the main responsibilities of a Simulation Software Engineer at InstaDeep?

As a Simulation Software Engineer at InstaDeep, your main responsibilities include designing, building, and updating our high-performance simulation platform, collaborating with our researchers to understand their needs, brainstorming solutions, and implementing strategies to optimize computational performance for our AI solutions.

What skills and expertise are required for this role?

To excel in the role of Simulation Software Engineer at InstaDeep, you'll need skills in software development, experience in building and maintaining simulation platforms, proficiency in programming languages such as Python, and a strong understanding of computational performance optimization techniques.

How does the role of a Simulation Software Engineer contribute to the innovation at InstaDeep?

The Simulation Software Engineer plays a crucial role in driving innovation at InstaDeep by developing and maintaining the simulation platform that enables our AI teams to pioneer new products, services, and research. By working closely with researchers to understand their needs and implement cutting-edge solutions, Simulation Software Engineers ensure that our AI solutions remain at the forefront of the industry.

What is the level of collaboration between Simulation Software Engineers and researchers at InstaDeep?

Collaboration between Simulation Software Engineers and researchers at InstaDeep is essential. Simulation Software Engineers work closely with researchers to understand their specific needs, brainstorm potential solutions, and implement strategies to optimize computational performance. This collaborative effort ensures that our AI solutions are innovative and cutting-edge.

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InstaDeep is a leading global technology company offering a range of AI solutions, ranging from optimized pattern-recognition, GPU-accelerated insights, to self-learning decision making systems. - Decision-making systems: Life and business are all about decisions. InstaDeep harnesses the power of reinforcement learning to create systems that can make decisions on their own, based on their own autonomous training. Many fields can benefit greatly from this technology, be it robotics, mobility, logistics, finance or healthcare. - GPU-accelerated insights: When you try to deploy AI in your business, compute power is key. A Multi-GPU setup can be messy and complicated. With Nvidia’s DGX-1 (one of the most powerful AI machines on the market), InstaDeep can help you achieve insane computing power to solve even the most intensive AI problems. - Optimized Deep Learning: Deep Learning delivers high-performance AI for pattern recognition yet is notoriously time-consuming to fine-tune. InstaDeep boosts this process to save you time and money on your computer vision, natural language processing or predictive analytics project.