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Solutions Architect

  • Job
    Senior Level
  • Software Engineering
  • $75.6K - $172K
  • Honolulu

AI generated summary

  • You must have experience in DoD systems, network, server, and endpoint components, virtualization, Windows and Linux environments, team leadership, public speaking, and Secret clearance. Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience required. Additional certifications a plus.
  • You will innovate solutions for DoD clients, design deployable data centers, integrate new technologies, maintain system operations, and ensure secure data handling and system security.


  • You Have:
  • Experience architecting, designing, engineering, integrating, or operating DoD systems that include network, server, and endpoint components
  • Experience integrating disparate requirements into a cohesive system
  • Experience with virtualization and virtual networking using VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Experience with Windows and Linux server and endpoint environments, including package management, scripting, and network configuration
  • Experience holistically securing system components as well as hardening individual components
  • Experience with leading and managing technically diverse, small to medium sized technical teams
  • Ability to develop and deliver compelling presentations, including confidence in public speaking
  • Ability to regularly work at O’ahu client and corporate locations and travel to CONUS and OCONUS locations up to 25% of the time to operate and maintain systems
  • Secret clearance
  • Bachelor's degree or 5+ years of experience in the DoD in lieu of a degree
  • Nice If You Have:
  • Experience with Windows domain fundamentals, including domain controllers, AD Site and Services, Replication, GPOs, and ADFS
  • Experience with endpoint technologies, including BitLocker, user profiles or registries, certificate stores, UEFI, and networking
  • Experience with end point deployment and administration tools, including System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) or Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT)
  • Experience with networking principles, including DHCP, DNS, VPNs (IPSec or SSL), and PKI
  • Experience with containerization, including Kubernetes Experience with VMware vCenter, ArubaOS, Cisco ASA, JunOS, Splunk
  • Experience with CSfC solutions, including package registration and solution implementation
  • Experience with Zero Trust architectures and deployments, including data-centric environments such as MPE, CPN, and IMN
  • Experience coordinating and assessing commercial vendor solutions
  • DoD 8140 certification with Cisco, Juniper, Microsoft, Red Hat, or VMware


  • As a solutions architect on our team, you will innovate solutions to complex problems as you help our DoD clients evolve a deployable data center and other National Security Systems (NSS). You will work with other like-minded engineers to include Network, Systems, Security, Endpoint, and Software engineers to learn the client’s strategic goals and operational needs, understand compliance requirements, and use those to update the system’s requirements, shape the system’s design, and incorporate new technologies to continue to increase the lethality of the DoD. Once your design is approved, you will install, implement, configure, and document the design. Subsequently, you will operate and maintain the design to support DoD events at CONUS and OCONUS locations and to see first-hand how you can further improve your system. From deconflicting advanced technologies and their security requirements, to supporting the acquisition of new technologies, to resolving interoperability issues across platforms, you will put your hardware, software, design, and critical thinking talents to good use. This is your chance to develop an architecture and then do the hands-on work of bringing it to fruition and keeping it operating as you intend.
  • As you join our team of problem-solvers helping DoD clients evolve and deploy new capabilities and technologies, you will serve as a thought leader spearheading solution architecting and work with a team of engineers to apply your expertise in system design and architecting, system interoperability, solutions deployment, and hardware-software integration.
  • Additionally, you will grow your skills in enabling secure data-in-transit (DIT) and data-at-rest (DAR) using Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC), implementing data-centric security environments, deploying custom software to administer and secure end points, maintaining a high system security posture, and developing new skills to meet the needs of the system’s design.


What are the key responsibilities of a Solutions Architect in this position?

The key responsibilities of a Solutions Architect in this position include innovating solutions to complex problems, updating system requirements based on client goals and compliance requirements, designing systems for National Security Systems (NSS), implementing and configuring system designs, operating and maintaining systems, resolving interoperability issues, and enabling secure data-in-transit and data-at-rest using CSfC.

What qualifications and experience are required for this role?

To qualify for this role, candidates must have experience architecting, designing, engineering, integrating, or operating DoD systems, experience with virtualization and virtual networking, experience with Windows and Linux server and endpoint environments, ability to lead and manage technical teams, ability to deliver compelling presentations, Secret clearance, and a Bachelor's degree or 5+ years of experience in the DoD.

Are there any preferred qualifications for this position?

Preferred qualifications for this position include experience with Windows domain fundamentals, endpoint technologies, end point deployment and administration tools, networking principles, containerization, CSfC solutions, Zero Trust architectures, coordinating commercial vendor solutions, and DoD 8140 certification with Cisco, Juniper, Microsoft, Red Hat, or VMware.

How much travel is required for this position?

This position requires regular work at O’ahu client and corporate locations, as well as up to 25% travel to CONUS and OCONUS locations to operate and maintain systems.


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