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Supervising Producer, State of the Union/Inside Politics Weekend

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  • Washington, DC

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  • You need +10 years TV news experience, 5 as a show producer, strong interest in politics, segment production & writing skills, control room expertise, creative thinking, collaborative mindset, familiarity with all production aspects, flexible schedule, and potential for travel.
  • You will oversee production, develop political segments, manage staff, and handle breaking news for State of the Union/Inside Politics Weekend.


  • The successful candidate for this position will have +10 years of experience in television news, with at least five years as a show producer at a cable or broadcast network and a strong demonstrated interest in national politics and public affairs.
  • It further requires strong feature and segment production, strong writing skills, extensive control room experience and a thorough understanding of news production.
  • Candidate must be a creative thinker who can generate numerous stories under intense deadline pressure and changing circumstances.
  • Candidate must be familiar with all aspects of television production including graphics, editing, digital news gathering and live remote broadcasting and be comfortable working in a collaborative environment.
  • A bachelor's degree in journalism or related field of study is preferred, or equivalent experience
  • Must be able to work an extended schedule as the news cycle and deadlines require, and to travel if needed.


  • The Supervising Producer for State of the Union and Inside Politics, Washington-based political shows will have broad responsibilities on the show team, including, but not limited to:
  • EDITING & PRODUCTION – Works with Executive Producer and other Producers on the team on planning all aspects of a program's visual and editorial presentation. Organizing and preparing content so that high pressure deadlines are met
  • POLITICS & PUBLIC AFFAIRS FOCUS – Leverage deep knowledge of politics and public affairs to help run booking and segment development. From presidential politics to international breaking news, pitch the best newsmakers and then be able to shepherd the interview process from first drafts to live on air. Use your demonstrated interest in politics to analyze big stories, polling, and trends, and look ahead to what's coming next.
  • MANAGEMENT - Oversee staff to ensure high level of editorial and production consistency. Create opportunities for the development and growth of staff members in a creative, collaborative environment. Must have strong team building skills and work well with fellow producers and crew.
  • BREAKING NEWS - Accurate, rapid establishment of facts on a story that is developing. Reporting, coordination with others in network who are working on story, acquisition of live sources, communication with newsgathering desks regionally and nationally, access to developed network of previously established sources, quick response to booking guests and moving resources to cover overnight breaking stories


What are the main responsibilities of a Supervising Producer for State of the Union and Inside Politics Weekend?

The main responsibilities include editing and production, focusing on politics and public affairs, management of staff, and handling breaking news situations.

What qualifications and experience are necessary for this position?

The successful candidate should have at least 10 years of experience in television news, with a minimum of five years as a show producer at a cable or broadcast network. Strong interest in national politics and public affairs is required, along with strong writing skills and knowledge of news production.

What level of involvement does this position have in the planning and execution of each program?

The Supervising Producer works closely with the Executive Producer and other Producers on planning all aspects of the program's visual and editorial presentation. They are responsible for organizing and preparing content to meet high-pressure deadlines.

How important is it for the candidate to have a deep understanding of politics and public affairs for this role?

It is crucial for the candidate to have a deep understanding of politics and public affairs as they will be responsible for running the booking and segment development process, pitching newsmakers, and analyzing big stories and trends in the political landscape.

Is the candidate expected to work extended hours and travel if needed for this position?

Yes, the candidate must be able to work an extended schedule as the news cycle and deadlines require, and be willing to travel if necessary.

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