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Technical Artist: Interior Environment (All Levels)

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  • You must have a relevant degree or industry experience, strong C# skills, experience with application design and development, familiarity with WPF and XAML, ability to write tools, and diagnostic problem-solving skills. Excellent communication, self-management, and organizational abilities are a must.
  • You will work on technical tasks related to Interior Art support, maintaining tools, creating scripts, and improving engine features for our game environments.


  • A relevant degree or professional experience in the game industry as a Technical Artist or similar/related position from industries such as Film/VFX.
  • In the absence of the above; videos or an online portfolio with relevant examples of your work will be required so we can assess your skill set.
  • Skills:
  • Experience with C# and .NET Core/Framework
  • Note: Candidate may be asked to complete a code test.
  • Understanding of application design and development.
  • Experience working with WPF, XAML, and the MVVM pattern.
  • Ability to write tools within DCC packages or standalone.
  • Understanding of using DCC packages for authoring game Art.
  • Keen diagnostic skills to analyse problems and identify solutions.
  • Comfortable coding in modern IDEs and debugging.
  • Strong communication, self-management, and organizational skills.
  • Ability to work within a schedule and deliver effectively to deadlines.
  • Pluses:
  • Please note that these are desirable skills and are not required to apply for the position.
  • Professional experience developing pipelines and/or tools in Games/Films/VFX is highly advantageous.
  • Experience creating scripts/tools for 3DS Max, Houdini, Maya, Blender or Substance is highly advantageous.
  • Experience using source control software (i.e. Perforce, Git) and working on a code base collaboratively.
  • Professional experience as an Artist in games (although this is not an Artist role).
  • Experience using other game engines (e.g. Unreal/Unity or proprietary tech).
  • Experience with NoSql (MongoDB/Elastic) or relational/Sql databases.
  • Professional experience working and developing in a multi-platform, multi-project environment.
  • Professional experience working in a large team spread across multiple locations and timezones.


  • This is an Interior Environment Technical Artist role. Relating to interior art support. The candidate could potentially be involved in a wide variety of technical tasks related to Interior Art.
  • Note: This not a regular Artist position so the candidate won't be doing any creation of artwork.
  • Maintain and extend standalone tools/systems (in C#/WPF) and integrate them with our Art pipeline.
  • Create tools within 3DS Max in Maxscript and C#/WPF.
  • Create, extend and modify metadata definitions in support of configuration and processes.
  • Work with Runtime and Art teams to push engine features which improve our Art processes within the constraints of the platforms we are targeting.


What is the location of this job?

This position is based in Rockstar's game development studio in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Is this a full-time position?

Yes, this is a full-time, permanent position.

What kind of projects will the Technical Artist be working on?

The Technical Artist will be working on creatively rewarding and ambitious projects in the entertainment industry.

What skills are required for this position?

The ideal candidate will have a passion for Technical Art and possess the necessary skills to develop and support Rockstar's titles.

Can remote work be considered for this position?

This is an in-office position, based in Rockstar's state-of-the-art game development studio in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Rockstar Games is a renowned video game development company that creates and publishes interactive entertainment. They are best known for developing critically acclaimed and highly popular game franchises such as Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and Max Payne. Their ultimate mission is to push the boundaries of interactive entertainment and deliver immersive gaming experiences to players worldwide. Rockstar Games' purpose is to craft innovative, engaging, and visually stunning games that captivate players and offer them compelling storytelling, dynamic open-world environments, and a sense of freedom to explore and interact with the game world. Through their games, they aim to provide players with thrilling and memorable experiences, making them leaders in the gaming industry and earning a dedicated fan base of gamers worldwide.