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Temporary Sales Assistant - Flannels



16d ago

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    Entry Level
  • Hospitality & Retail
  • Leicester
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AI generated summary

  • You must have qualifications, communication skills, team work abilities, customer focus, high energy, confidence, fashion passion, professionalism, flexibility, and reliability for the Flannels Sales Assistant position.
  • You will greet and assist customers, recommend products, process transactions, stay updated on trends, maintain store standards, provide excellent customer service, and educate customers about Flannels and the products we offer.


  • Qualifications
  • Skills and Knowledge
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Able to work effectively within a team environment
  • Customer focused
  • Personal Qualities
  • High level of personal energy to drive projects to completion
  • Confident and assertive
  • Positive and enthusiastic with a can do attitude
  • Passion for fashion retail
  • Professional manner
  • Fashion conscious and trend aware
  • Flexible and reliable


  • To greet customer with a sincere and warm welcome and ensure they are aware you are there to help
  • Ask open questions to find out customers needs
  • To recommend, select and locate the correct merchandise for the customers needs
  • To provide information about in store offers, promotions and store cards
  • To receive and process cash and card transactions
  • Be aware of latest trends and remain fully updated on product knowledge
  • Maintain a customer friendly and customer focused environment at all times.
  • Guarantee a high level of customer service at all times.
  • Educate and guide customers about Flannels, the brands and the product we sell.
  • Offer alternatives and add on sales as and when necessary
  • Ensure store standards are complete and the store is prepared for the next trading day
  • Comply with all Flannels policies and procedures at all times.


What are the key contribution areas for this Temporary Sales Assistant position at Flannels?

The key contribution areas include greeting customers, asking questions to understand their needs, recommending and selecting merchandise, providing information on offers and promotions, processing transactions, staying up-to-date on product knowledge, maintaining a customer-friendly environment, offering alternatives and add-on sales, ensuring store standards are met, and following company policies and procedures.

What skills and knowledge are required for this Temporary Sales Assistant position?

Excellent communication skills, the ability to work effectively in a team environment, and a customer-focused mindset are essential for this role.

What personal qualities are desirable for a Temporary Sales Assistant at Flannels?

Personal qualities such as high energy, confidence, positivity, enthusiasm, a passion for fashion retail, a professional manner, being fashion conscious and trend aware, and flexibility and reliability are valued in this position.

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Flannels is a premium retailer offering an extensive range of designer fashion for men, women, and children. They specialise in high-end clothing, footwear, and accessories from iconic brands and emerging designers. Their mission is to provide customers with the latest luxury fashion trends, ensuring a superior shopping experience both in-store and online. Flannels is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and a curated selection of stylish, high-quality products, aiming to make luxury fashion accessible and enjoyable for all.